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Dont Get Bored

Artist: Smiley Kids

Songs on "Dont Get Bored" Album

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Alameda Hill Lyrics

Leave a car at the bottom, take the other to the top.
Scream and yell all you want I guarantee the fun won't stop
Dodging cars is lots of fun, see a cop you better run
Me and God and all my friends, seems like this fun just never ends

Skateboard, down the hill again, Skateboard, till 4 AM

Watch out for cars, there's a few along the way
Might get some speed wobbles, but that's ok
Go to king soopers and get a snack,
Look at the magazines and then go back

Alameda- bomb the hill, Alameda- what a thrill

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Always Ok Lyrics

Sometimes in life you get let down.
Your shiny smile begins to frown.
Problems strike, ya one by one.
Or sometimes they come all at once.
But, things they always work out well.
Like that kid who tripped and fell
Right after that he got right up,
'cause what goes down must come up!

Sometimes life can get rough.
But everything will be OK
Just pray real hard and tough it out.
Ya everything will be OK

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Army Of Light Lyrics

We're saved by grace, imperfect human race.
Not saved by works, lest anyone boast
But faith without works, is basically dead.
So let the light shine, don't be afraid to fall

Put on the armor of God, there's a battle to be won.
Shield of faith, sword of the spirit,
Helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness,
hearts of peace and love

We're soldiers of the light.
Preparing for the fight
We're soldiers of the light.
We've already won the fight

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Bomb The Hill Lyrics

Grab your skateboard, leave your troubles behind.
We're gonna hit the streets there's lots of fun to find
Hit a pebble or a crack fall down on your face,
Gonna find a curb and grind all over the place.

Bomb the hill, bomb the hill, bob the hill
leave your troubles at the top

It doesn't even matter how good or bad you skate.
Put your ego in the trash on the way
We're out for fun, don't need bad vibes today.
Everybody scream real loud, the secret word is SKATE.

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Fill The Gaps (Foundation) Lyrics

Seperate Denominations.....All with different names
Coorporate Money...........Coruption is their game
Churches, buildings........Aren't what their made of
Jesus, the people..........We are the bricks of Clay

Yeah we should all stand together Woah oooh oh
We all know that Jesus is our common ground
We all stand cuz of his Love Woah oo ooooooh
Jesus is our foundation

Minor Problems.............Won't let them knock us down
Servants, Teachers.........Our hearts dedicated to the truth
Human knowledge............Limited to what we learn
God's Will, God's Word.....Keep it and last forever

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Frowney Clowney Lyrics

Turn your frown upside down
Make your lips go round and round
Let your troubles go away
Cuz Jesus Christ is here to stay
He won't ever let you stay down
He'll pick you up right off the ground
Love yourself and everyone around
God's Grace had made you safe and sound

There's no reason to frown anymore
There's no reason to frown anymore
There's no reason to frown anymore
Anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore

Smiles are shining nice and bright
Let's go out and fly a kite
share your sandwich with someone
Let's go out and have some fun

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Guard Your Heart Lyrics

Life's unsafe with risks to take,
always learn from our mistakes
Feeling anxious stressed out and scared,
such a huge weight you feel alone,

Don't worry about anything, just enjoy life.
Go get a slurpee, do what's right in God's eyes.
Do the things you love to do,
you know what things that you are best at
Don't let anyone bring you down

Tommorows the last day of trouble you know,
cause today is the first day of life
Tommorows the last day of trouble you know,
cause today is the first day of life (2, 3, go!)

Our faith is in Christ, sometimes we doubt.
It's human nature we get confused.
Don't let others cause you to doubt,
the secular world is where we live.

The questions they bring up lack of faith,
and lack of faith can be contagious.
The test of fire has begun,
Process of elimination, weeds plucked out, out of the garden
Endurance and mercy remain


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Helping Hand Lyrics

We live our lives abused.
Beaten and thrown away.
Scared of the next day.
Waiting for more pain.
He lived His life that way,
He suffered and He died for us.
Now happy is the one who can
persevere and have
faith, love and hope.

Help someone out, do something for
someone else, And be happy you don't
have to live a life of hate. Love
someone, 'cause love is life and God
is love, ya. Live free from hate.

There are people out there who are
living unaware That they don't have
to fight and they don't have to cry
Just open up your heart and when
you see the truth,
When your heart has been set free
will you share your love with me?

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Imitation Cross Lyrics

You pray the rosarie, hail mary, pray to angels saints and popes.
All part of your religion, the place that you set your hopes
Just keep in mind that it was Jesus Christ who died for us
Not your priest and not the Pope

The Son is the only way to the Father.
Religion is man made, why bother
With the legalistic man made docrtines.
Nothing can replace Christ on the cross

Jesus is the only way there is no other way to the Father
Quit trying to imitate the cross, we're always trying to imitate the cross
Religion can't replace the cross, good works can't replace the cross
Without Him we are unclean,
without Him our faith would be dead He died and rose again,
there's no imiation of God's power

You've never even read the Bible,
it's improtant that we know who Jesus is
If we're gonna cal ourselves Christian,
we've got to know what it really means

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Jesus Is My Shrink Lyrics

please search my mind
please look inside
there's somthing wrong
i just can't hide
my brain is strange
I can't understand
why i sometimes think
the things i think
and i wonder
am i the only one
or is there anybody else
who feels as scared and mixed up as i feel

There's something wrong inside my mind
and only you can fix it up
I always feel so left behind
but when i leave it up to you
I always end up feeling fine

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Love Your Enemies Lyrics

You looked me in the eye,
Just as you stabbed me in the back.
And I was so angry so scared, ya
You humiliated me and smashed my pride
down to the ground and I'm so thankful, so lucky

Love your enemies!
Even though they hate your guts, ya!
Love your enemies!
Even though they make me cry
Love your enemies!
Even though they hate your guts, ya!
Love your enemies!
Even though they make me cry

You hit me on the cheek
So I turned the other one and you spit on me
You spread these rumors about me
And say bad things behind my back
And I'm so happy, I'm still smiling!


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Pottymouth Lyrics

You come up to me, tell a dirty joke.
You're trying to be funny, but you know what?
It's not funny, it's just gross.
Does everything you say have to be so filthy?

I don't think your jokes are funny.
Being a pervert is no joke
You're a pottymouth and I see no humor in your disrespectful jokes

Pottymouth - I don't think your jokes are funny,
Pottymouth - I don't want to hear you curse
Pottymouth - I don't have to listen to it,
Pottymouth - your cursing's really gotten to me

Ready everybody?
It's time to wash your potty mouth's clean!

Before you speak again - wash your mouth out with soap
Before you curse again - wash your mouth out with soap
If you curse again - wash your mouth out with soap
Before you curse again - think about the soap
THINK ABOUT THE SOAP everything will be OK
Just pray real hard and tough it out, Ya everything will be OK

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Score Goals Not Drugs Lyrics

We set our hopes on some things in life,
These plans and dreams will always get us by.
We wish for happiness, couldn't ask for more

We try so hard just to be our best, when time goes by
We'll always know that we spent our days glorifying God.

That's the goal I'm aiming for,
Better days, better ways to have fun.
That's the goal I'm aiming for,
Better ways, better ways to praise God.

I dream of days of peace and love.
Way up there with the pretty doves,
Flying high, of course without drugs.
A sane mind, a safe line, no more hate,
Envy, or strife, I want to get along with everyone.
Jehovah God, thy will be done!

Living in a world where everything is perfect.
That's how it will be.
I can be as cheezy as I want to be,
And no one will make fun of me.

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Useless Lyrics

You once were blind but now you see.
Only yourself not anybody.
Christ died for all and not just you.
So what stops you from telling them truth.
God gives hope, He gives us peace.
But you still won't tell anybody.
How is God ever going to use you.
When hiding your light is all you do.
You know the truth but you keep it to yourself, You're useless
Glad someone told you but you won't tell anybody else, You're useless
God gave you life and He took away your pain, You're useless
While you sit and watch your friends die everyday, You're useless
Silent you don't speak content with your security.
Passing up opportunities you have to tell.
Thinking someone else will so you don't have to.

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