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Complete The Work

Artist: Twinkie Clark-Terrell

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Complete The Work - View Complete The Work Lyrics

Complete The Work Lyrics

Complete The Work
(recorded by Twinkie Clark-Terrell & The Florida A&m Gospel Choir)

Complete the work in me (3x)
Lord! Complete the work in me

Lord do a new thing inside of me
Won't you do a new work in me
Oh, Lord Have your way
This I pray
I must work the works of Him that sent me while it is day

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse

Bridge (leader first, then choir)
Prepare me, Anoint me
Create in me a clean heart
Uphold me

Complete the work (3x)
Lord! Complete the work
**Lord comes on every third one

2nd Bridge
Lord, Lord, Lord!!
Do a new thing, inside me

2nd Round
Gotta work, gotta gotta work the work
He said the greater work shall ye do in my name
Gotta work, gotta gotta gotta work
Running can't tarry won't worry, I can't

Complete the Work!!!

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