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Compact Favorites

Artist: Rez

Songs on "Compact Favorites" Album

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Autograph - View Autograph Lyrics
City Streets - View City Streets Lyrics
Crimes - View Crimes Lyrics
Defective Youth - View Defective Youth Lyrics
Gameroom - View Gameroom Lyrics
Love Comes Down - View Love Comes Down Lyrics
Medley (Waves, Awaiting Your Reply, Broken Promises, Autograph, City S... - View Medley (Waves, Awaiting Your Reply, Broken Promises, Autograph, City S... Lyrics
Military Man - View Military Man Lyrics
S. O. S.
S.O.S. - View S.O.S. Lyrics
The Main Event
Waves / Awaiting Your Reply / Broken Promises / Autograph / City Streets

Autograph Lyrics

I said, Sign here please, and You inscribed
Your Name in my heart
Didn't know what I was getting into
Or what was getting into me for that matter
A little slow to understand,
Love was the word I was after
So Your name kept coming to my lips,
Again and again
Now I understand,
He wahted the heart of the world
You're His Signature, the very Stamp of His Soul
Spirit in the wind, agony of the cross all told
Signed in blood

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City Streets Lyrics

You saw me standing out in the street
I was looking for some action, someone to meet
There was holes in my pockets
And a hole in my soul
And a whole lot of questions
About which way to go
You were born for love, born for life
You were born fot the city
You died for love, died for life
You were died for the city
You're returning for love, returnig for life
Jesus returning for the city

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Crimes Lyrics

In the glare of the streetlight
Young toughs on the prowl
In the pale of the moonlight
Ghetto wakes with a howl

Crimes, gettin' ready for crimes
Crimes, in our hearts an' our minds

Hot times in the city
Big deal on the curb
Kids strugglin' to bust out
Tryin' to act on their nerve

It don't matter what they taught you
When you're unemployed
Feelin' restless and ripped off
And you know you're annoyed

I got a new piece of news for you
You can get bailed out
God can change your criminal heart
That's what love's about

It was crime, just a low-down crime
Just a crime, in my heart in my mind

No more crimes
In my heart, in my mind

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Defective Youth Lyrics

Don't ask about our problems
We don't know ourselves
We crave success and pleasure
Materialistic cells
Send us off the school
But make sure that we don't pray
Drugs and sex and violence
Teenage passion play

We are twisted
We are rotten
No 60s answers, please
We are handsome
We are modern
Got a terminal social desease

Defective youth!
Why won't you listen

Please don't analyze me
I'm gone beyond recall
Rule books, revolutions
Don't mean that much at all
What's good for me is good
There's only self and void
Indefferent adolescent
A teenage android

My heart is at the North Pole
Needs moral antifreeze
Church people pushing answers
You want me on my knees
You say He's the solution
You tell me you got love
I say you gotta prove it
When push comes to shove

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Gameroom Lyrics

Push that button, squeeze that coin
Finger sweating, see the numbers climb
Graphic action, flashing screen
But who is the pilot, and what does it mean

My friends and my foes
My thrills and my woes
They live on
In memory cells, in fantasy wells
We press on and on and on
I am king, king of the gameroom
Here I'm lord, chairman of the board
I am king, king of the gameroom

I got nothing at home
I'm no one at school
The jocks and the rockers
They think I'm a fool
But this is my kingdom
And here I'm the man
No one can touch me
And I can command

So push that button, squeeze that coin
Fingers sweating, see the numbers climb
Graphic action, flashing screen
But who is the pilot, what does it mean

I am trapped
Prisoner in the gameroom
Deep inside I don't know what life's about
I'm a prisoner
A victim of the gameroom
God where are you
Shoe me how to get out
God where are you
Show me how to get out

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Love Comes Down Lyrics

He said that He had your number
You cut the telephone line
You say you needed a reason
He said There ain't much time
You kept tryin' to avoid it
He kept knockin' on the door
In a flash it was over
You were a prisoner of war

But when you lose, you win
That's the way it is
That's when the love comes down

She was playin' in traffic an' you were scopin' her out
She was so much elastic, someone had strung her out
Until the fire had reached her, that's when the lights came on
That's when she got off her habit, that's when you took her on home

You can beat the heat
He's red hot on your trail
He's the love enforcer an' He's paid your bail
It's much more than emotion, It's not just in your head
You gotta die to get life an' you'de better off dead

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Medley (Waves, Awaiting Your Reply, Broken Promises, Autograph, City S... Lyrics

We see wave after wave of people in the street
Playing their songs, but missing the beat
People, oh people why can't you understand?
Fools with no disguises and love so close at hand
When will you begin to recieve the love of God?
Jesus wants to touch you, enfold you with his love
Look into your life and tell me what you see
Don't you realize what He offers is for free?

Awaiting Your Reply
Music and Lyrics: Glenn Kaiser

A voice on the other end said
Where in the world have you been
I said, I've been all around
But I ain't seen a thing
I was lying in my bed
Tryig to arrange my head
When a letter came in from Him
Saying I was dead
It was signed in blood
It was mailed into my heart
Though the channel was clear
I didn't want hear
It made me worried
When you're out with the boys
Walking paranoid and all your toys
Meke you discouranged
It's really sad you know
When you've nothing to show
And there it reads on the bottom line
I love you ... awaiting your reply

Broken Promises
Music and Lyrics: Glenn Kaiser

Broken promises
Broken by me and not You
Jesus, break me
Lord, snap my stubborn heart in two
Lonely hors, so many wasted talents
That I've sown
But now I'm ready to follow You, Jesus
My dear Lord, I'm coming home
Lord, I want You to change me
Rearrange me
Lord, I want You to mold me
I just want You to hold me
Sweet Savior, just love me
Your thoughts are so high above me
I confess that I need You
I really know that I need You
I need You

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Military Man Lyrics

Military man got his armor on
Molten machine got his loaded gun
Paying his dues on a foreign shore
Just another day playing games of war

For this is the end of the military man

Military man got his demons laughing, pushing him over the sanity brink
Horizons changing, train derailing, his iron ships begun to sink

Saw the light from the Man above
His heart pierced by a sword of love

Considering chances in a nuclear zone
Hard to live life beneath the battle's drone
Silver syringe caught his victim napping
Slapping him 'round a broken life on loan
He caught sight of the future shock
Defenses crushed beneath the Risen Rock

No more doing time
He tasted the new wine
No more reason to fight
No more military man

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S.O.S. Lyrics

When I was just a kid I tought everyone was true
How 'bout you
I'd stand up in school
With a hand in my heart
How true - trought an' trought

There goes a kid a kid with a S.O.S.
There goes a kid a kid with a S.O.S.

All of my days were spent listening to those
Around me, what they'd say
I was taking it in
And they were dishing it out
Always right, what could I say?

I was send to Sunday school
We all learned the golden rule
Teacher thought we were all real sweet
The kids in the class swept her off her feet
That was another time
Before confusion has ripped my mind

Ideas here questions over there
Like the leaves in the the trees everywhere
Climb up in one and what have you done
It really doesn't get you anywhere

Years have passed and lots of things
Have bounced between me heart and brain
From army green to down in the drain
No place to go and half insane
Like the clouds that are full of rain
Jesus came down and spoke my name

No more alarm because I see You
No more alarm no more S.O.S.
No more alarm because

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