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Cheeses of Nazareth

Artist: Five Iron Frenzy

Songs on "Cheeses of Nazareth" Album

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Abraham Lincoln Beard (First Movement) Lyrics

Wilford Bradly Sandwich
Snowmobile of Franklin
Nija Force 5000
Abraham Lincoln Beard.

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Abraham Lincoln Beard (Third Movement) Lyrics

Waffle of the ancients
way too much of bobby
laying in the gutter
Abraham Lincoln beard.

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Abrahm Lincoln Beard (Second Movement) Lyrics

Salivating Often
Digesting all the oatmeal
falling off of a log
Abraham Lincoln beard.

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Burn Lyrics

I see a city on a hill,
I see the only way to be filled,
mighty rushing wind around us,
Holy Spirit burn within us.

Burn. Burn. Burn. Within us, within us.
Spirit of truth, my eyes deceive me,
Teach me how to see,
Ears cannot hear, my mouth is too dry to speak.
You have searched me, you, you know me, there is nothing good inside me.
Purge me, make me clean.
My heart needs courage so burn inside of me.

Burn within our hearts oh God.
Teach me to be still.
Let the tears roll from our eyes,
all we want is Jesus Christ.
We want to...


This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine, I'm gonna hold it up, I'm gonna let it.


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Chew Water Lyrics

I don't rock the jukebox,
or hustle the women.
I'm deep drownin' in trouble and not even swimmin'.
I can't begin to tell you my toils,
my trouble is worse than my face being eaten off my boils.
It's so bad I can't even start to tell you,
my troubles.
It's not about a dog,
or women,
or nothin'.
What you're gonna have to see is,
I took my cousin Cletus's chew water and I drank it.
I drunk it all up and now I've got cancer of the esophagus.

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Cool Enough For You (Demo Version) Lyrics

What could this be, too much MTV?
Chalk another fad up for its fall into infamy.
Whats in a standard if it changes all the time?
Youre still having trouble in defining your own kind.
Need I remind you, we all knew you before,
you threw the rocks at the stage from your glass house on the floor?
Now I think youre punk, just because its in.
You found a foul mouth and a couple safety pins.

Got a peaceful feeling,
I dont want to fight no more.
Got a peaceful feeling,
I dont care if were punk, or ska, or hardcore,
enough for you, its sad but true,
you can call us names till your face turns blue.
Our assurance comes from God,
its nothing new,
well never care cause were never cool enough for you.

That smug look on your face,
your nose up in the air,
your patches say youre open-minded,
but still you couldnt bear,
some punk thrown in with ska.
You said it wouldnt work.
Well you can take your Vespa home cause ska made you a jerk.
The purist turns a deaf ear.
Hes such an intellect,
Does he think his censorship is gaining our respect?
The raising of a fist, like a trigger of a gun.
Stop and see were all alike, and we can dance as one.

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Dog Food Lyrics

When I was young, in the good old days on the farm, all I ate was dog food.
All the poor dogs whimper and they would yelp as I smiled and chewed.
Dog food! A whole meal for a nickel.
Dog food! On some bread with a pickel.
Dog food! Guaranteed to dirve your hunger away.
Dog food! keeps a horse employed.
Dog food! Good for girls and boys.
Dog food! Most kids like it more than broccoli.
Nasty food I must plug my nose to swallow, because my mom's on probation.
Eggplant, brussel sprouts go down and come out,
nothing goes down smooth like Ken-L-Ration.


Aplo! Kibble! Iams! Purina! Milkbone! Soupebone! Horse meat! Yeah!


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Donkey Basketball Lyrics

Donkey Basketball!
It is the best of all!

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Fistful Of Sand (Live) Lyrics

Description: They performed the song live before actually having written the lyrics.

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Four Kids In Memphis Lyrics

4 kids in Memphis,
should pay me 5 dollars.
I wrote this song and they said they would pay me,
and I want to buy a hot dog.

(alternate version of I Still Like Larry)

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Give Me Back My Sandwich Lyrics

Give Me Back My Sandwich!

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How's About Some Milk Lyrics

How's about some milk?
How's about some milk?
How's about some dairy products today?

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It's So Hot (I'm Gonna Have A Heat Stroke) Lyrics

Hetzaw! Gibbus Getoomababeeew. nama nama nama na me mew. its so hot gonna have a heat strokah. wraped up on the mew. Huh! nemie nemie nemie nemie nemie nemie nemie nahhh Gonna get hot the heat strokuhhh. Hizzahh huh Olbuhhh the goo goh Za po nip the mehpee. yow do nip the peepah, peepeepeepeeteetahhhh gimme nemee nemuh the peepah gimme nemee nemuh the peepah za pie da ta peepeetapatee shampoo in my head. Its so hot gonna have a heat strokah. huhhh its so hot im gonna get the the the... hah o dotututututdadahdahdahdaht, behhhw yebatunenenenenenenedehdeeedeee... hyahh betaw sa baw da ba dew. nimieneemeenimieniminimieneemeeneemee nimie i got ta babethaplathla betaw sa baww da ba dew betaw sabadabadeebee baw pa ba pa dew How thats a goot hits ligh pie.

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Kamikaze Lyrics

i'm going in (1,2,3 and go)
like a kamikaze (like geronimo)
a leap of faith (and i finally feel alive)
3, 2, 1 i'm going in

i don't know if it's just me
but it seems that things aren't changing
every day is pretty much the same
with a little rearranging
if i do nothing i can't fail
no blistered hands, no broken nails
killing time, i'm paralyzed
with faded dreams and hollow eyes
i've been waiting for a revelation
for a moment of clarity
conflicts and convolutions
ricochet inside of me
there comes a time for throwing caution to the wind
i feel the pulse again

i'm going in (1, 2, 3 say when)
like a flaming arrow (soaring in the wind)
a leap of faith (and i finally feel alive)
3, 2, 1 i'm going in

i am so slow to commit
i have wasted years on fences
is is really true the shoes don't fit?
is it only my defenses?
what if i don't measure up,
don't listen well, don't smile enough?
alone and unknown up 'till now
need to change direction somehow
i've been open to persuasion
wanting someone to take the lead
it's alittle disconcerting
signing up for eternity
there comes a time for throwing caution to the wind
and so my life begins

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Left Lyrics

Johnny's got a grip on a blissful life,
He sucks on the smoke from the dope in his pipe.
Wrapped around his fingers, a noose is loosing slack,
strangling his forearm to fill his vewins with smack.

P.C.P. spells gun to the head,
half a syringe or a barrel full of lead.
grasping at straws and coming up empty,
Carving with his life
this somber song of hope:
Kill me.

Sally spells success M-O-N-E-Y.
If she steps on some toes, it's an eye for an eye.
She's climbing up the ladder, she's building up a wall,
to block out the world or the fear that she'll fall.

Tightrope thins, conviction never stops.
Money means nothing from a 40 floor drop.
her security blanket has worn itself thin,
she's hanging in the closet from a rope of her own sin.

Nothing changes nothing will.
Always skeptic, primed for the kill
Seeking nothing but selfish gain,
filling your pockets, again and again.
Selling your soul, taking you fill.
Grasping at straws, feeding your own will.
Killing your conscience, empty, bereft.
Losing your life for the world, you are left alone.

Some throw bricks through windows and yell,
others beat their backs for fear of hell.
Two-edged sword that cuts flesh to the joints,
the path is narrow, you missed the point.

Fistful of sand a pitiful prize.
YOu're blinding yourself, closing your eyes.
The point was made eons ago,
chaff in the wind, your life's gonna blow.
Nothing you do, nothing can be new.
What is good? What is true?
Seeking to serve not ourselves, never.
The Lord is God, we will live forever.

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Marty Lyrics

Marty was a punk rocker
he went to all the shows
Patches on swiss army pants
and two rings in his nose
He had an old nash rambler
no insurance not much gas
and a dancing hula girl that bobbled on his dash
Feeling kind of stupid
One day he broke down
he drove his ugly car to the edge of town
he sunk it in the quarry
just because he could
and cause the rear defroster never worked too good

Marty where you going
whatcha going to?
whats the point in not conforming
if it changes you?
When this woorld runs out of answers
would you even know
Does the truth have any bearing on which way you go?

He took the bus to Santa Cruz
he hitchkhiked to LA
a preacherman picked him up
and drove him half the way
he said theres two kinds of people that ive met
those who ask the questions
and those who dont ask questions yet
then he turned asking marty
which one that he thought he was
Marty shrugged and shook his head
forgetting what the question was
you'd do almost almost anything someone told you not to do
just because someone else told you it was cool
remember long ago when someone said get a life
did you ever think they might be right

Marty was a rebel never had a cause
it may be stupid and cliche
but thats because he was
he spent his whole life straying from the norm
he was neither hot or cold
just boring and lukewarm
it didnt seem to bother him
he didnt seem to mind
his cathartic life
just buried somewhere in the timeline

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Mayonnaise Taco Monday Lyrics

Mayonnaise taco Monday, it smells like underwear.
Mayonnaise taco...And something over there.
Mayonnaise taco Monday, I put it on the dog.
Mayonnaise taco Monday, it tastes kind of like log.
Borracho, Bilando con tu...esposa.
Mayonnaise taco Monday, you put it in your sleeve.
Mayonnaise taco Monday,
it makes me want to, makes me want to, makes me want to heave!

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Mind For Treason Lyrics

i want to see
all minds set free
like slaves to their deaths
they pledge their liberty
like awls through their ears
nailed to a post
they sold their souls to the things they loved most
now they accuse
my mind is closed
i've stood on their shoes
that's why i chose... Freedom
you've got words, clever jargon
self-support, what a bargain
you tell me my God is dead
you hate a book you've never read
telling me i'm pushing you
who's world is this,
who pushes who?
we've had to watch your television
subject to your decisions
we've read yours books
and filled your schools
you burned the truth
with hate for fuel
you calculate your lack of reason
i hate this place
call it treason
Mind for Treason
force-feeding lies
but calling it freedom
masking the truth to hide your dismay
turn a blind eye to the death and decay
but i will rebel
it's treason i choose
you can die by yourself
but i will refure
a word of truth, to worlds of fiction
i'd like to challenge your depiction
of yours sould and your salvation
i'd like to shake you from stagnation
you take the nail and drive it through
your ear to show allegiance to
your god the thing that you love most
am i coming close?
blind to see your own extinction
truth and lies have no distinction
shackled slaves must drop their chains
or slaves will serve themselves in vain

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Never Ask Us To Play This Lyrics

If you could ever find it in your heart.
If you could ever think to find some sympathy.
Never ask us to play this song, or that song about our pants, or our Kitty-Doggie.
Never ask us to play Godzilla, or shut up,
or a song we haven't written yet about that time we did some stuff.

(alternate version of I Still Like Larry)

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No Grandma = Know Grandma Lyrics

No Grandma! Know Grandma! Gnome Grandma, ahhhhhhhh.

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Old West (Demo Version) Lyrics

Up until the middle of the 20th century,
many Americans believed in the idea known as the Manifest Destiny.
It held that all of North America,
from sea to shining sea,
was rightfully the property of the U.S. and was given to us by God.
Native Americans were unscrupulously thrown off their homelands
and slaughtered in the name of Jesus.
Horror stories of entire tribes being led through rivers while being baptized,
just to be shot and scalped on the other side,
rival those of the Spanish Inquisition.
Today, I see street corner preachers screaming at passers-by,
while the amount of Neo-Nazi Hate crimes are escalating every day.
All of this under a blanket name of Christianity.
Read Your Bible.
Jesus never beat people or insulted them into believing in him.
He spoke the truth
And set an example by loving every man.
We are called to follow his example.
Remember the Massacres at Sand Creek and meeker.
Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

Some cowboys were a ridin', ridin' on the range;
The grass was over grazed there,
and spotted like some mange;
The buffalo were dead there,
the trees they all were through,
and if they saw some Injuns,
why they would kill them too.
West or bust, in God we trust,
Let's rape, let's kill, let's steal
We can almost justify, anything we feel;
I'm climbing up that ladder,
more brownie points for me I'll work my way to Jesus you wait and see.
Said one cowboy to another,
I think it would be nice,
if we could take these injuns and convert them all to Christ;
See, they are all disgusting, and bringing me great pain,
and if they don't believe me,
we'll put a bullet in their brains!
I am always shoutin',
when I go outside,
how people should repent now,
or they're going to die.
My motives are all selfish,
I'm a cannon brimmed with powder.
If people don't believe me,
I just beat them and yell louder.

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Omnivores For Mediocrity Lyrics

Keith is a vegetarian,
Not vegan 'cause he drinks dairy and,
He's not like me who also eats meat.
He protests the war with the sandals on his feet.

Omnivores for mediocrity! (several times)
Helpless vegetables are trapped,
for killing only them you should be slapped.
At least a cow can run and be free,
Omnivores for mediocrity.

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Pootermobile Lyrics


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Praise The Lord Lyrics

Praise the Lord, Everybody praise.
Ahhhhh. People of the earth, praise.

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Rhubarb Pie Lyrics

Well lately I've been thinkin'
about some good home cookin',
just like that I haven't eaten'
in the longest time.
Now I like potato chips,
now please don't get me wrong.
But I havent tasted mama's rhubarb pie in so very long.
Rhubarb pie, in the summer.
Rhubarb pie, made by my mother.
Nothing better in the winter,
than rhurbarb pie after dinner.
Twinkes may be better,
than a hole in the sweater,
and a hole in the sweater,
beats a poke in the eye.
If I had my choice,
I'd leave this gas station store.
And then I'd travel back in time,
and I'd sit down and have some more.

Looking at the picture,
in the Sunday paper,
of the politician, he's talkn' to the press.
He looks like he's been eating lemons all his life.
Well I think mama's rhubarb pie
could save solve more problems overnight.

(Alternate version of Ugly Day, performed Dennis on vocals)

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Screams In The Night Lyrics

Screams in the night, screams in the night, screams in the night,
come on and scream out into the night! [repeat]
I saw you in your backyard,
you were watering the dirt,
you began to scream and shout,
and shake the entire earth.
So I came over to help you,
but alas you were gone,
I felt so sad inside,
that I wrote this awesome song.

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Stinky Hippy Lyrics

Get patchouli.
Get the dreadlock.
Get the sandal.
Stinky hippy today.
Stinky hippy, stinky hippy.

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That Tastes Horrible Lyrics

That tastes horrible!!!!!! (Ahhhh, my face!)

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Third World Think Tank (Demo Version) Lyrics

I walked into the room, and she was right there waiting.
Leaning up against the bar,
well she was perpertraitin'.
Slick as snot her spandex,
and blacker than some coal,
she set her gaze upon my bootie,
with disco in her soul.
So much for indecision,
so quick did she decide,
the temptress with her doors open inviting me inside.
I want to take you home with me,
said the sparkle in her eye.
I would like to honey, but I'm about to die.

I have got a time bomb,
I strapped it to my chest.
When it blows I'm out of here,
you can have what's left.

The room got kind of quiet,
and you could smell the fear.
I only heard the jukebox play A Tear is in My Beer.
So what's the verdict Mister?
When's it gonna blow?
I just winked at her and said,
Darlin' I don't know.
Time-bomb tickin' in the room,
everybody goes someday,
blows so quick you better be,
somewhere where it's safe.
Thin skinned thread-bare thinkin',
now you're gonna die,
don't try to rock the jukebox,
just kiss this world good-bye.
What's the deal, don't you feel,
alone now in the silence?
Pushing up the daisies now,
there's better ways for you to diet.
Seeking after sucker wealth,
suckers feel what suckers dealt,
All your life you stuffed your face,
now you're dead I rest my case.
Got a story here to tell,
so you better listen well.
some old lady in a church,
got a nickel in her purse.
You were rich, she was poor.
You dropped some fifties on the floor.
She dropped her nickel with a clank,
she was thinkin' Third World Think Tank.

The Karaoke master,
the drunkard,
and the jerk,
ditch this sorry world and all its worth.
Keep your candle burning,
waiting for the time,
ready to explode,
the bomb is primed.

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When I See Her Face Lyrics

I feel pretty good today,
This time I can see it.
This time when I see her face,
the words will come out right.
I comb my hair, and put on my favorite shirt.
I take one last deep breath, then I go outside...

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