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Artist: Debra Killings

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Change Lyrics

Sometimes you won't just walk away,and leave it all oh yeah you do
Then you hear a voice soft and low,sis don't you cry cause I'll pull you through
Bridge:you may not need money cause you lived your life the best that you could,you been a sugar baby to cry a few you know I'm talking to you
Chorus:someday a change is gonna come-it may not be right now oh yeah yeah yeah,sometimes you got to hold on-hold on oh cause your help is on the way yes it is
So you weigh the cost then you ask yourself,what can you lose cause you got nothing else,so you pack your troubles to walk away cause there's no weak such to stay yeah yeah
(Chorus 2x)
Vamp:said you gotta hold on(yeah yeah)
You gotta hold on(gotta hold on)
Yes you do(yes you do)
Oh yes you do(oh yes you do)

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