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Artist: Celldweller

Songs on "Celldweller" Album

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Afraid This Time
Cell #1
Cell #2
Cell #3
I Believe You
One Good Reason
Own Little World
So Sorry To Say
Stay With Me (Unlikely) - View Stay With Me (Unlikely) Lyrics
Switchback - View Switchback Lyrics
The Last Firstborn
The Stars Of Orion
Under My Feet
Unlikely (Stay With Me)
Welcome To The End

Stay With Me (Unlikely) Lyrics

sick of this mind and the games it plays
mental enemies want to push me back again
here they come running wanting me up on that
tree crucified (wait a minute)
whatever words they say (me who said it)
whomever they betray (me who did it)
whenever they're awake it makes me die
there's so much on my mind-we're given so little
time--there's no way to hold on as it passes by--
so lead me into denial-help me forget for awhile
stay with me, please don't go-if you want to be
alone stay with me, please
i don't have much else to say (unlikely)
i'd rather you go away (unlikely)
i don't need something from you (unlikely)
though some say i will heal over time, it doesn't
seem too likely
it seems unlikely

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Switchback Lyrics

i made a choice that i regret
now what i see is what i get
it's too late to look back
i've got no way to switchback
it's too late to look back
ain't ok i've got no way to switchback
wait, how can it be too late
because i don't want to play
with such a price to pay
chained to what i can't reclaim
i'll never be the same
won't be the same again
a painful picture that i can't forget
now what i see is what i get

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