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Can't Nobody

Artist: Hope Carr

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Can't Nobody - View Can't Nobody Lyrics

Can't Nobody Lyrics

Can't Nobody
by Hope Carr

can't nobody
Nobody, nobody
Nobody, nobody
Do me like You Lord

I searched the whole world over
And never could I find another
Who loves me like you do
So precious and true
Constantly taking good care of me
Oh how You kept me, blessed me
Loved me, inspite of me


You picked me up when I was down
Completely turned my life around
In You I live and I breathe,
And I move
All I am is because of You
When I think of the goodness Jesus
And all that He's done for me
You know my soul cries out
Thank you Lord for saving me


I know you to be, Lord
You been my protector
And I know you to be, Lord
You been my healer
I know you to be, Lord
You been my keeper
And I know you to be
You been my waymaker
You said you'd never give me
More than I can bear
You said You'd always love me
Be right there

I tried him and can't nobody
Nobody, nobody, nobody, no
Nobody, nobody, nobody, no
Gonna do me like, gonna hold me like...
Gonna save me like...


(ad-lib at end)
Oh You're wonderful
Oh, magnificent
Simply amazing to me
My momma love me
But she can't do me like...
My daddy love me
But he can't do me like...
My babies love me
But they can't do me like...

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