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Can't Get Enough

Artist: Jontez

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Can't Get Enough - View Can't Get Enough Lyrics

Can't Get Enough Lyrics

I don't know why,
But somehow I just can't get
Enough of your loving
Contagious, outrageous,
I'm addicted to you and I'm floating
I should've had you, in my life
Along time ago and that's for sure
And I ain't never hesitating
To be praising you
Cause I'm down
With you forever, ever

It's puzzling to me, can't you see
I've never had the time that
I'm having with thee
He keeps me smiling,
When I'm feeling down
He keeps me up,
When I almost hit the ground
I've never known a love to
Secure my needs
I don't understand how
Could this be
But I know one thing, this I know
That my bible, that my bible
Tells me so

So I see,
You've been there all the time
And you already knew
What my trouble was
Even before my time
He'll see you through,
Even when it's impossible
No matter what you do,
If you trust and believe it
Yes His word is true,
Don't depend on His word
Then the blame's on you,
So why don't you call Him

For God, so loved the world that
He gave His only son
His only son, He died for you and me
For God, so loved the world that
He gave His only son
El murio por ti por mi en
La cruz del calvario
(exact translation: he died for you and
Me at the cross of calvary)

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