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Can It Be?

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Can It Be? - View Can It Be? Lyrics

Can It Be? Lyrics

By Kelly Diederich

There is a way that seems, right to a man
But for him, there's only, death in the end
Even in laughter, the heart has sorrow
And in the mind of a man, there's no tomorrow

When you look into the, blue sky above
Did you know that what you, see is love
Through the power of God it, all was done
Yes, through Him, He was the only one

And He's real, I and feel the truth

There is a man, who died for all of our sins
And He said that, He would come again
Jesus Christ, is the one I mean
And I'll tell you now, it's not a dream

And He's real, I can feel the truth

Look at Him... can you see
Is He real... can it be?

Through the grace of God that, we've all heard
He gave his love, that we, don't deserve
With his Son he did this, on the cross
And without Him, we would all be lost

And He's real, I can feel the truth

Take the love Jesus, gives to you
Put it in your heart and love Him too
It was the people He, came to save
And for you it was His, life He gave

And He's real, I can feel the TRUTH!

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