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Artist: Kim Burrell

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Calvary - View Calvary Lyrics

Calvary Lyrics

Since the world began there has been God
Many things and thoughts have changed
About the dying of our Lord
Oh the pain
That He went through for you and me
On a hill called calvary

On Calvary
My Jesus died
He died for you and me
He died to save a wretch undone like me
Oh like me

Each time I sin
I know I've crucified my Lord again
If I'm lost - I have only myself to blame
Myself to blame

It was Calvary where they crucified my Lord
It was Calvary where He purchased my salvation
It was Calvary
Calvary - Where Hew died just for me

Saved a wretch undone like me
Calvary Where He hung
Bled and died just for me

For me - For me
Just for me

I know the tempter tries to tempt you so
But hold on - Hold on till He blesses you
Busy trying to keep the saints from reaching their goal
But hold on
Hold on till He blesses you
God has something good in store for you
If you'll be faithful in everything you do

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