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Calm Seas Don't Make Sailors

Artist: Foreknown

Songs on "Calm Seas Don't Make Sailors" Album

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Lessons In Manhood - View Lessons In Manhood Lyrics
No Guns, No Roses, Just Axl - View No Guns, No Roses, Just Axl Lyrics
The Barrel Of A Gun - View The Barrel Of A Gun Lyrics
This Ain't No Summer Vacation - View This Ain't No Summer Vacation Lyrics
Tonight The Ghosts They Dance - View Tonight The Ghosts They Dance Lyrics
Weapon Of Choice - View Weapon Of Choice Lyrics

Lessons In Manhood Lyrics

There is a tragedy at hand, where a boy becomes a man, a loss of innocense, a loss of the things we hold dear, the knowledge of how the world turns. I would give it all away to see like a child again and to remember the things that make me happy in life again. There's a breath of apathy that lives in every passing moment to never feel that joy again tars me apart. I never knew and I never wanted to care. Growing old was once freedom and now it tears me down. Please lord get me out of here and let me see the world. Let me know what life really is, Guide me up the steps of what you want in me, I'll try my hardest and I'll try to be the one to never let you down. With all I have I'll never let you dow

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No Guns, No Roses, Just Axl Lyrics

Our hearts die like autumn leaves. Our tongues are awful traders tonight, and our eyes they only deceive. Our mouths are only an open grave to bury our heart and soul. We say I do, and I love you, with the same mouth used to destroy. You call me out and, you call me back, I'm just a dead man walking. Let the dead be dead tonight. Look at the stars and see the moon in all its pale blue light. The autumn leaves, they float and flutter and never fall far away, but the heart of man in another tale, maybe it'll return someday. You've called me out, and I came back, I was never that far from you. I just forgot how much love was there, and what I had to d

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The Barrel Of A Gun Lyrics

Rise This gun has been used before, no one put a gun to you head, they put it down your throat. The taste of the barrel is bitter on your tongue. The guns been used before. I never saw this coming and I never thought it'd come to this. Try to search for you tonight, I need to find Beauty in this, I need to find you tonight my love. Who's gonna hold your hair back baby, and who's gonna care about you? The Beauty Remai

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This Ain't No Summer Vacation Lyrics

This song is dedicated to the road by which we travel, and the place that I long to be. my home is with my brothers, traveling on the road. Long days and over night drives, I miss the white lines and the turn off signs. A different town every night, I miss the faces and the people I've never seen before and all the kids clearing a dance floor. This song is for all of you. This is where I want to be. This is the only place I'm at peace. It's all I kno

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Tonight The Ghosts They Dance Lyrics

These ghosts are memories, Never Dying, They grow old, they hide in the shadows and they watch our every move. This is where it happens hiding in the paintings we hold dear underneath the floorboards. I will never forget, Time has come To stir up the past to remeniss, tonight the ghosts, they dance. I see my picture on the wall and my reflection in the glass, Burn it down. This is where the heart ache took place now the dust here makes a home in a room filled with promises. Open hearts lead to open wounds. Tonight the ghosts, they dance. They have been hiding here so long amidst the darkness and shadows. I did all I could to never see this place. This is my last goodbye. nothing will be ok after this, this place will never rest. We tried to stir the beast and to see the memories. The ghosts they take you back to that place agai

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Weapon Of Choice Lyrics

I just don't care anymore, Nothing means that much to me, I'm not the only one, I see it in there eyes, Born in a world that doesn't care at all, I just don't care, I ran away cause I need to find myself, The battle rages on and on, Never dying it takes its toll, This is where I take back my life, This is where I take control, Never give in, and never be afraid, Never forget tomorrow when today is in the way, Tomorrow waits at our door, Another struggle, another fight, I will take this on, I will find the courage to press on, I will rise to the top and not let go of the things I live for, These things God has for the new day

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