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Call Him Up

Artist: Chicago Mass Choir

Songs on "Call Him Up" Album

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Call Him Up - View Call Him Up Lyrics
God Has Promised
God Is Real to Me
He Is Mine
He's Coming Back
I Can Feel His Spirit (Moving Inside of Me)
I Can Go To The Rock - View I Can Go To The Rock Lyrics
Waiting on God
Wonderful, Marvelous

Call Him Up Lyrics

Seems like troubles on your track, trying to turn you back,
just call on Jesus and He will answer your prayer.

Call Him up, He's ready,
He's able to hear your prayer.



Have we trials and temptations,
is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged,
take it to the Lord in prayer.




Call Him up.

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I Can Go To The Rock Lyrics

When everything else fails, I can go the rock.
When troubles around me, I can go to the rock.
God promised, that He would keep me, if I abide in His holy word.

No matter what the problem, I can go to the rock.

Verse 1
Jesus, my waymaker,
He makes a way each and every day.

Verse 2
Jesus, my strong tower,
when I am weak He makes me strong.

Verse 3
Jesus, my heart fixer,
when I am sad He makes me glad.

Jesus, my waymaker.
Jesus, my strong tower.
Jesus, my heart fixer.

I can go to the rock

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