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Artist: Cadet

Songs on "Cadet" Album

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Crack This Code - View Crack This Code Lyrics
Fantasy - View Fantasy Lyrics
God Man - View God Man Lyrics
God Man (Jesus Is My Superhero)
Gremmy (A Surfer's Lament) - View Gremmy (A Surfer's Lament) Lyrics
I'm A Believer - View I'm A Believer Lyrics
Land Of The Living - View Land Of The Living Lyrics
Precious One - View Precious One Lyrics
Speed Of Sound
Spoon - View Spoon Lyrics
Talent Show - View Talent Show Lyrics
The Girl - View The Girl Lyrics

Crack This Code Lyrics

every member here has got the lingo every member here is calling bingo maybe you'll clue me in i'm open to suggestions i came for answers but instead i have more questions crack this code so i may see this road that you're talking about crack this code of so i can meet this Lord that i can't live without every member here has got a smile every member here is showing style whenever hope is born it always ends up dying my life's a funeral but no one here is cryi

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Fantasy Lyrics

act one has just begun but i've seen the end he's going to get your heart which you won't defend those wedding bells are locked inside your head but can't you see you're flirting with the dead you're falling asleep oh girl he can't be in your dreams wake up and believe oh girl don't trust your fantasy that stage was built to break for that fling will fail fear not you have not lost love's left a tra

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God Man Lyrics

here's to him my guardian there he is he moves faster than light his body holds tremendous might his face doth shine ever so bright his enemies tremble with fright Jesus is my superhero once he died for me i'm his trusting sidekick we will beat the enemy there he is he labors day and night somehow i'm always in his sight without a doubt he'll do what's right with any foe he'll win the fight evil's on its way but my savior's here to save my d

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Gremmy (A Surfer's Lament) Lyrics

i'm just a gremmy surfing tandem with the best on every wave my life is put to the test i'm just a gremmy getting hassled by the shark the impact zone is my home till it gets dark like the tide i'm up then down but this gremmy sure won't drown my faith is on the shore push me in oh Lord i'm just a gremmy who's addicted to wax my poor old board is decorated with cracks i'm just a gremmy with my head in the sand but now i'm sponsored by a heavenly brand like the tide i'm high then low but this gremmy's going p

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I'm A Believer Lyrics

i thought love was only true in fairy tales meant for someone else but not for me love was out to get me or so it seemed disappointment haunted all my dreams till i saw your face now i'm a believer now there's not a trace of doubt in my mind i'm in love yeah i'm a believer i couldn't leave you if i tried i thought love was more or less a giving thing seemed the more i gave the less i got what's the use of trying all i get is pain when i needed sunshine i got ra

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Land Of The Living Lyrics

Before you Lord, I now renew my vow I'll follow you until I reach your house I'm giving my life for The life you're giving Lord I'm living for the land of the living My hunger only knows The Bread of Life Your table always entertains my eyes All of me is zealous for you All of me is you

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Precious One Lyrics

you are so far away but i'm so close to you your hands cover your eyes but mine reach to hold you precious one you know how much i love you that is why you know how much i miss you you are scared of the light which can break all your fear i'm here right here my beloved i remember when you used to serenade me with our song it's been so long i will never forget how you always smiled when you knew I was near but know i'm still here i'm right he

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Spoon Lyrics

my heart is craving a little revelation oh so much sweeter than my imagination i'm telling my heart catch the sunlight with a spoon i've only tasted your reflection off the moon my heart is moved by a higher expectation of something sweeter than all of creation every time i blink you'll see it may i have one glimpse of you every time i breathe you'll hear it may i have one word from y

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Talent Show Lyrics

the band played no one moved they could not find the groove i knew that wouldn't last someone had to act fast i took the mic for a moment that's when i sang this is no talent show and the floor is ready to go i know you want to dance so come on while we have a chance all i heard was a cough i started to walk off then people wanted more as they all rushed the floor i told the band to follow that's when i sa

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The Girl Lyrics

while she speaks i search every word hoping that she'll give it away or my heart would have to agree all this could it be a mistake oh tell me she's the girl oh tell me she's the girl cause there's no one like her in this world tell me she's the girl any day the answer will fall so I'll keep my hands in the air is it true the days we're apart will shine on the days that we share oh tell me she's the girl oh tell me she's the girl cause there's no one like her in this world tell me she's the girl clocks have no hands whenever love takes my hand oh tell me she's the gi

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