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Bye Bye Brianna

Artist: Nicole C. Mullen

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Bye Bye Brianna - View Bye Bye Brianna Lyrics

Bye Bye Brianna Lyrics

It was a good night I stayed on key
Me and the drummer were on the same beat
Had coordination in both my feet
Oh what a night
I took off my guitar and I met you
Sweet little angel beneath the moon
The stars were shining and so were you
Then I saw the light
So I took your fingers to my face
And with the tips began to trace
The way that my eyes and my mouth were shaped
And you had your sight
For a moment that night

Bye bye Brianna
What a delight
Bye bye Brianna
I'll see you in the daylight

You're only seven and you taught me
Life is much more than what we see
Behind the veil of mystery
Til faith becomes sight
Cause there's so much beauty to behold
A world of wonder to unfold
Saved for the pure in heart and soul
Who turn on the light
In the dark of the night


I talked to your mama the other day
And she told me you'd passed away
I couldn't find the words to say
I started to cry
She said when her heart begins to ache
She can remember you're in a place
Lookin' at Jesus face to face
What a delight
You got your sight
You dance in the light
And you can see me tonight

Bye bye Brianna
...I'll see you in the daylight

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