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By Grace I Will

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By Grace I Will - View By Grace I Will Lyrics

By Grace I Will Lyrics

Will you go to Jesus now, dear friend?
He is calling you today:
Will you seek the bright and better land,
By 'the true and living Way'?


I will, I will! by the grace of God, I will;
I will go to Jesus now;
I will heed the Gospel call,
For the promise is for all;
I will go to Jesus now.

Would you know the Savior's boundless love,
And His mercy rich and free?
Will you seek the saving, cleansing blood,
That was shed for you and me?


Will you consecrate your life to Him,
To be ever His alone?
And your loving service freely yield,
To the King upon His throne.


Will you follow where the Master leads,
Choosing only His renown,
Will you daily bear the cross for Him,
Till He bids you wear the crown?


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