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Burning Clean

Artist: Jonah 33

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Burning Clean - View Burning Clean Lyrics

Burning Clean Lyrics

Pleasure over principle is an open throated grave
It consumes you with ideas it portrays
The latest trends and fashions
Completely stripped of passion
I separate myself from anything that doesn't bare your name

Burning clean from everything I used to be
Burning clean from everything I used to be

Apathy reminds me that I just don't care
About a life of love for you
About the times we shared
How long can I live with blinders on
Remove these scales from my eyes
I give you my life

Reach inside, pull it out
Anything that makes me doubt
I'll never be what I should be

Separation from these patterns
Transformation is all that matters
Separate myself
Burning clean

2005 Photon Music (BMI)

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