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Burn Out

Artist: Slick Shoes

Songs on "Burn Out" Album

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Away With You - View Away With You Lyrics
Call For Ambulance - View Call For Ambulance Lyrics
Clenched Fists, Black Eyes - View Clenched Fists, Black Eyes Lyrics
Fool Me No More - View Fool Me No More Lyrics
Fulfilling - View Fulfilling Lyrics
Late Night Showing - View Late Night Showing Lyrics
Learn To Unlearn - View Learn To Unlearn Lyrics
Parting Ways - View Parting Ways Lyrics
Responsible - View Responsible Lyrics
When Does It End? - View When Does It End? Lyrics

Away With You Lyrics

How do you think I felt,
that I made up for all your mistakes?
You never think of consequences,
carelessly destructive, you fall down.
I can see you sitting there.
Wish that you could see yourself.
I wish I knew what was going on inside,
Id just be sickened more.
Why dont you open your eyes?
Youre not all you think you are.
Your selfishness is getting on my nerves.
Why dont you go away.
Forgetting all that youve been taught,
is this the way you treat your friends?
Ive dealt with you for long enough.
When will it end?
I hope that this is just a phase.
Ill be there for you in the end.
Ill be there when you finally come around
but for nowand dont come back.
Have you ever know what you were looking for?

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Call For Ambulance Lyrics

You thought you had it all figured out.
You had a plan for everything you would face.
What happens now when it just wont work out?
You cant run from what youve gotten into now.
But dont lose hope, its not all over now.
Its not too late, theres still time to change.
Its not the way it has to end up.
You need someone to help pick you up.
Youre gripped by fear and you start to give up.
Excuses made for all your mistakes.
Procrastination will be your end,
unless you crawl out of this hole youve dug.

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Clenched Fists, Black Eyes Lyrics

You say you're scared, we're not to blame
'Cos mindless violence ain't our claim,
A new breed's here, we're gonna stay,
And tear down all your shallow ways
'Cos we are the new kids,
We've got our heads,
We'll keep on fighting,
'Til old ways are dead.
Clenched fists, black eyes! [2x]
We're aiming for a different goal,
Succeeding where the hippies failed.
But one thing's sure and you can bet,
We'll be more than a drugged-out threat!
[Repeat Chorus]

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Fool Me No More Lyrics

What makes you think youre fooling me?
Do you think I was born yesterday?
When I look at you all that I can see is what you try to be.
Why cant you just stop acting like you care?
Cause you dont know what youre saying.
Nothing keeps you up at night.
Cause you dont know what youre saying,
but you think its right.
You try to pretend that youre still my friend,
but I know youre not.
All those times you said you would be there.
Just go lie to someone else now.
I can see right through your shallow lies.
You cant fool me no more.

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Fulfilling Lyrics

The lifes torn from you, there is nowhere to turn.
Youre all alone, you feel hollow and empty.
Nothing you do can suppress the heartache that you feel.
The only strength you have is used to cry in misery.
Could you fill the hole youve made inside your heart,
when you cant erase your past mistakes?
They say that everything happens for a reason.
But nothing on this earth will make the sorrow go away.
Your thoughts are filled with emptiness and despair.
But just have faith and god will show you grace.

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Late Night Showing Lyrics

When I look at all that has been given to me,
Im so grateful for all that weve shared.
I cant imagine living life without you.
Where would I be if you didnt care?
I know Im truly blessed to have you in my life.
I wish I could give back as much as you have given me.
Youre there for me when I wake up.
Youre there for me when I fall asleep.
Sometimes I dont act how I should, but you still love me.
I wish I could do more to show you my respect.
I wish I could do more.

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Learn To Unlearn Lyrics

Im worn out again.
Feel the weight of the world crashing down on me.
Teach me how to let it go.
My walk has turn to a crawl.
Im on my hands and knees.
How do I get up?
When did it get so hard to make it through a day?
When I was a child everything just went away.
And all Ive learned is nothing stays the same.
And all Ive learned is nothing stays but change.

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Parting Ways Lyrics

Tired again, when will it turn around?
Wound up tight and ready to unwind.
Turn it around one more time.
Its getting older each and every day.
I found the other way to go now.
The sun sets tomorrow but I wont be there.
Ill let you know, before I go, without you.
All alone, by myself to escape the bitter tongue.
Behind my back theyre talking trash.
And I dont even care.
The sun sets tomorrow but I wont be there.
I dont know what happened, too much has changed.

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Responsible Lyrics

Responsibility, sensibility.
How many things have escaped you?
Could you try and show concern?
Maybe help me understand.
All your friendships are in trouble,
youre getting lost in the shuffle.
But Ill still be there,
even though things arent the same.
Ill still be here when all is said and done.
Your personality, it wears on me.
How many times have I told you that you could be more than you try to be?
How can you laugh at all your problems?
Seems that they wont go away.
You think lifes a game and everythings a joke.
Ill be there when youre not,
just like its always been.
And I know youll come running back,
like things are the same.

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When Does It End? Lyrics

Taking my time,
I thought I had learned how to deal with all the changes in my life.
Things were going the way I had planned,
one more thing was thrown at me.
When does this heartache and pain ever end?
As long as Im not by myself I know Ill be o.k.
It seems like every time things were going o.k.,
life throws me a curve.
I stop for a second and ask myself,
am I ever gonna make it through?

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