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Buckle Up Virgina

Artist: Last Tuesday

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Buckle Up Virgina - View Buckle Up Virgina Lyrics

Buckle Up Virgina Lyrics

What's going on, cause theres something very wrong
and I cant seem to understand my problems now
Do I see through you,
or has a clouded point of view become
the basis on which I have learned to speculate
And though I know that I have struggled in this understanding
I've come to learn that I cant live this on my own
When its said and done,
will I've lost or will I've won in this
battle that I cant stop fighting now
Cause I'm falling down,
but as it crumbles all around I think I
realize that my hope is just a prayer away
Just the other day I saw so clearly that,
one life can leave its mark
And so I'm wondering, if I would die today,
would I have done my part

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