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Artist: Kirk Franklin

Songs on "Brokenhearted" Album

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Brokenhearted - View Brokenhearted Lyrics

Brokenhearted Lyrics

Come ye broken hearted
Come ye weary soul
There is healing water
That can make you whole (2x)

Come bring tears of sorrow
Come bring years of pain
There is healing water
That can make you whole (2x)

And it flows from the veins
Of Jesus my savior, my healer
And redeemer
A lover so true

It has power to heal
All our sin sick diseases
So come to the throne
Your healing is here

Your healing is here
Forgiveness is here
Salvation is here
Acceptance is here
Deliverance is here
His presence is here
His Mercy is here
His Power is here
Joy is here Grace is here
Love is here

That can make you whole (2x)

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