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Broken In Pieces

Artist: Stutterfly

Songs on "Broken In Pieces" Album

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Frail - View Frail Lyrics
Hollow - View Hollow Lyrics
Insecure - View Insecure Lyrics
Out Of Spite - View Out Of Spite Lyrics
Out Of The Mud - View Out Of The Mud Lyrics
Sick Pig - View Sick Pig Lyrics
Through Me - View Through Me Lyrics

Frail Lyrics

I'm so tired.
Suffocation stirs inside of me.
It's out of control.
My mind blinds what my soul should see.
Crack my skull.
Free to live and breath.
Tape your mind - mind will blind your soul.
Free your mind - your thoughts will take control.
Back to the past will I break at the right time?
Feel the pull I'm dragging my frail mind.
Act on my thoughts, I'd end up in jail.
My soul is pure.
My mind is frail.
Rape your mind.
Why don't you rape your mind?

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Hollow Lyrics

All this sickness hard to swallow.
Eats my insides until I'm hollow.
Indecision, fornication, condemnation, to damnation.
This world is a breeding ground.
Take a look at the bleeding ground.
Adoration, temptation, contemplation, to frustration.
You'll fall apart.
Don't drag me down.
You rule this world with a synthetic crown.
Kill each other for no reason to go against it, this is treason.
Action, reaction, action, reaction.
All this sickness forced to swallow.
Fills me inside, I must follow is this what you said for now?
Is this what you want to see?
This is going to piss me off, I will not agree

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Insecure Lyrics

Violence in your soul.
Common sense you don't know.
Tired of being played.
Little boy you're just afraid.
I'm not your enemy.
I know you disagree.
You want to beat me down.
See me on the ground.
Close your eyes, see only hate.
Anger is a lonely state.
Pick on me because I'm weird.
Something that you feared.

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Out Of Spite Lyrics

Falling - harder than I feel.
Realize - this pain is more than realcritisize - me for who I am.
Don't threaten me.
Don't run away.
I will forgive you for judging and not taking my hand.
Running - from myself.
Cowardly is what I am.
Sympathize - with my beliefs.
You don't give a damn.
Ostrasize - out of spite.
I don't want to fight

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Out Of The Mud Lyrics

I feel frustration set in.
Temptation's too much to bare.
Fighting my own thoughts I've failed.
Finally, I don't care.
Give into what I've been fighting.
It brings me to my knees.
Using my own strength I've failed,
Please, pull me out of the mud.
Crawling and falling again.
Forgiven by the blood.
Over and over again.
Fall on my knees cause I want to feel you.
Break me right now.
All this pain that's pounding in my sick head.
Free me somehow.
Pull me out of the mud.
Realize that forgiveness starts with the blood.

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Sick Pig Lyrics

Holding her down till she can't breath it's just a game, she's so naive.
You deceive her.
She believes you.
Then you rape her.
She can't fight you.
Sick pig.
She screams you smile sick pig, she's just a child.
You held her down.
Ripped her in two.
Look at the hell you put her through.
She begged you.
You didn't let go.
God have mercy on your soul.
This hell-sick.
You made-pig.
Just to-sick.
Get laid.

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Through Me Lyrics

Shut up.
I can feel this anger, it fills me up inside.
The world is full of hatred, there's no place to hide.
Running no more.
Face it here, now, then, and forever.
Shut up - and listen.
Feel it - around you.
Rise up against this hate that surrounds us.
Righteous anger flowing through me spirit fall and fill me up now.
It's time to break this coldness.
It's time to change these feelings.
It's time to win this war.
It's time for peace and for the healing.

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