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Breathe On Me

Artist: John P. Kee

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Breathe On Me - View Breathe On Me Lyrics

Breathe On Me Lyrics

Verse 1:
Sometimes I feel I walk alone,
in my fear I find no rest.
I've even thought of giving up
knowing I would fail the test.

That's when You breathe on me,
You breathe on me,
letting me know I am a conqueror,
I'm not afraid of what I see.

So glad You breathe on me,
You breathe on me,
a savor oh so sweet,
You breathe on me.

Verse 2:
In the turbulence of the violent storm,
that's where I found my feet,
but there You were to comfort me,
on the cloud You stood beneath


There's no way my life
can prosper without You.
You're the source of total joy,
I'm living proof.
You're the breath of air that's needed,
When I feel deprived,
in my lowest low, nowhere to go,
tear stains have come and dried, dried, dried.


Vamp 1:
Lord, I need Your presence,
Lord, please breathe on me.

Vamp 2:
Like a mighty rushing wind,
let me feel Your breeze.

Vamp 1

Vamp 2

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