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Break The Curse 1990 (Re-Issue)

Artist: Mortification

Songs on "Break The Curse 1990 (Re-Issue)" Album

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Blood Sacrifice - View Blood Sacrifice Lyrics
Break the Curse - View Break the Curse Lyrics
Brutal Warfare - View Brutal Warfare Lyrics
Illusion of Life - View Illusion of Life Lyrics
Impulsation - View Impulsation Lyrics
Journey of Reconciliation - View Journey of Reconciliation Lyrics
New Beginnings - View New Beginnings Lyrics
The Majestic Infiltration of Order - View The Majestic Infiltration of Order Lyrics
Your Last Breath - View Your Last Breath Lyrics

Blood Sacrifice Lyrics

Blood Sacrifice

Bruised for our transgressions
Crushed he was for our iniquities
He was surely broken
Died to set us free
He was whipped
He was crushed
Christ was nailed
He was mocked
He was bruised
Christ our Lord

Christ he was inflicted
He took the sin of man
Bleeding on a woodencross
God's eternal plan

For salvation
Through submission
To the Lord
Your poition
of redemption
through the blood

Blood sacrifice
He died instead
Blood sacrifice
for all of us He bled
Blood sacrifice salvation in Him
Blood sacrifice accept Him and you'll live
Forever seperated from the fires of hell
Forever with God.
Can't you see the blood flowing from his hands
cleanses you from sin.

He did not stay dead
He rose from the grave
On in victory
Over satan's rule
Christ said I have come
to save those who come to me

It's time for our confession
of Christ as Lord
Fix your situation
On Him you must call

He was whipped
He was crushed
Christ was nailed
He was mocked
He was bruised
Christ our Lord

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Break the Curse Lyrics

Break the Curse
Eternal love, hope in life, satisfaction,
Peace of mind.
Do you feel these things inside
or lost your lives denied
Christ has come to heal your mind
to win and be recieved.
You run from God, you smashed the gift
thrown from glory it's your own will
Christ come, to heal your mind
so choose to be supplied
with life in glory here on earth
eternity, break the curse.

Falling from grace don't do it
See the light run to it.

Cross over or you will die
Run from darkness, come tonight.

Break the curse, that's in your life
From daze of fear, to shrine of light
Feel it break down deep inside
your soul has come alive
expelling demons brand new-birth
eternity break the curse.

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Brutal Warfare Lyrics

Brutal Warfare

Demon forces
They must bow
Saints of God arise and kill
Evil bondage
Will not claim the church of Christ.
Brutal warfare
Brutal warfare
Pain and torment
Cast from below
Stand strong with God's armour on
Inflicted hate
Spiritual war
Christ's name sends them back to hell

Put on the full armour of God
Stand against the devil
We are not fighting man
But evil powers of a dark age

Rotting minds
Avenge yourselves
Send the devil back to hell
Intence defence
Awsome victory
Bludgeon to death bondages

Belt of truth around your waist
Righteoursness your breastplate
Cospel of peace in your feet
The shield of faith and sword of God

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Illusion of Life Lyrics

Illusion of Life
Can't you see this world's illusions of life
It's not gonna last. You won't survive
We're all destined to the grave
Unless we call upon God to save
us from eternal death.
The illusion of life is that you think you're safe
without the Lord and His saving grace
While you think you've got safety and peace
Your lifes suddenly over no more mercy
Hell awaits you, it's too late.

The things of life is all that seems to be real
But can't you see that in eternity it's just a fantasy
Christ is the reality in Him is eternal life
This world isn't gonna last. It's gonna burn you'd better run fast

Eternity is the reality. Look forward to it with Jesus
Faithfuland true he'll never fail you
He loved you so much that He died for you

The illusion of life tells us to live for today
till the day that we pass away
No thought to prepare for your Maker
Live for God or die with the faker- This world can't save you.

How can you guarantee yourself eternal life
Today you are here and tomorrow you die,
Do you know where you'll go when you've gone
There's only two ways to go, up or dow, You'd better decide.

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Impulsation Lyrics


Impulsation, smash and grab world
Impulsation, live fast, die young
You'll not find, real satisfaction
You'll find emptiness, fake gratification

Impulsation, patience never learned
Impulsation, satisfaction now

Can't you see, this won't last
lasting peace comes from Christ.

You'll find self-control
if you find salvation
Blood and the fire
purge your mind
Ultimate satisfaction
Beal peace
Lasting joy
comes through Jesus
White wash
your mind
Find your release.

Bludgeon to death, lust in your life
Consecrate to live right
Manifest the grace of God
Supplicate prayer and live


Impulsation, it's not cool
Impulsation, you could dile.
Can't you see people dying
Everyday aids and drug addictions.

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Journey of Reconciliation Lyrics

Journey of Reconciliation
His eyes could hardly see the long road ahead
Blood and sweat dripped down his face as he was lead
His body was beaten, far beyond repair
They thought he was just a man
But he was God.
This man was not huilty of any sin
He had done nothig wrong, he was innocent
He chose to take all the world's wrong
And take it down to the abbys.

The journey continued to the place called the Skull
Step by step he staggered on, the sky was getting dull
On and on he kept up with the pain he must take
He went through this when will the world awake.

Jesus Christ is the only Son of God
He did all this for you because he loved you

Many were weeping many more laughing
Many were mocking many were scorning
This man would do what no one understood
The sacrifice was made by God's own right hand.

Repeat Chorus and part two

At last the arrival at Calvarys hill
They tore off his robe and naked he stood
They nailed him to a cross they got their wish
But in three days they'd never guess
He rose from the grave!........

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New Beginnings Lyrics

New Beginnings

At the dawn of time
God made man
He made a covenant
Perfect plan.
Man disobeyed from the very first age
Now need Jesus to be saved
With sin you must now be finished
Make way for new beginings.

All through history
Man's hated God
Like Sodom's lust.

New beginnings
In your life
New beginnings
Born again.

The western world
Is just like Sodom
You'd better change now
Or face judgement.

Many have chosen
Eternal death
Many have chosen
Eternal life.

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The Majestic Infiltration of Order Lyrics

The Majestic Infiltration of Order
God rulz
God rulz
God rulz
God rulz

God rulz
God rulz
God rulz
God rulz

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Your Last Breath Lyrics

Your Last Breath
Jesus Christ is the rises Saviour
Escape the violent death
Turn from your sin and worship Him
Or you'll draw your last breath.
Everything that has a beginning must end
This world can't last much longer
Jesus Christ is the author of life
His power is very much stronger
Than that of satan and his hoards od demons
Who will spend eternity in hell
Hell was only made for satan
You don't have to go there as well

Jesus Christ is the rises Saviour
Escape the violent death
Turn from your sin and worship Him
or you'll draw your last breath.

Don't be a fool, ignore what I'm saying
Because what I have to say is true
Don't condemned into eternal hell
Recieve Him, it's all up to you
Give Christ the glory just what he deserves
Just bow down yourself unto Him
He will overcome you with open arms
And say goodbye to your sin.

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