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Brand New Day

Artist: Karen Clark-Sheard and Yolanda Adams

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Brand New Day - View Brand New Day Lyrics

Brand New Day Lyrics

You May Have Done
Some Things That You're Not
To Proud Of, At One Point In Your Life
Well, You're Just One Good Pray Away
From Living Again
Starting Today

It's A Brand New Day
Spread The News, Go Tell A Friend
It's Alright To Love, Its Okay To Live Again
Nevermind Your Faults
What You've Done Or
Where You've Been
It's What's In Your Heart
It's All That Matters In The End
It's A Brand New Day

Maybe You Were Involved
In A Love Gone Bad Before
And Ever Since Then
You've Been Bitter And Scorn
All Those Bad Feelings
You No Longer Need To Hold
'cause We're In With The New
Out With The Old


Things That Made You Angry In Your Past
Now You Look At Them, And You Can Laugh
Cause They Don't
And They Won't
Matter Anymore


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