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Brace Yourself For The Mediocre

Artist: Roper

Songs on "Brace Yourself For The Mediocre" Album

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Amplify Lyrics

Adrenaline is flowing
your nervous fingers lightly drumming chords
click into silver jacks
you flick the switch the tubes are humming
The lights go down the sweat is beading
muscles tense, your heart is speeding
It's so loud, it feels like heaven
crank these amps up to eleven

All our lives
we've kept the meaning hidden deep inside
All our lives
were somehow made for this, to amplify
We dream, we cry to amplify
We live, we die to amplify

Feedback speaks of caliber
the wires wrapping 'round
We fall beneath these walls of unimpended sound
And here at last,
the final notes this song has sung it's course
Everything that we have saved
we'll scream until we're hoarse

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Day Of Pigs Lyrics

I could feet the crowd's dismay
They've acquired quite a fire
to burn the profane on a funeral pyre
Voices shrill
cutting silence like they mean to kill
Some pep rally where we scream His name
like God was loosing in a football game

I don't want to waste His name this time
I will never cast Him to the swine
(Grasping at some feeling you once knew
is nothing sacred ever safe with you?)

Silver tongues
all the spirit of an iron lung
Selling highs as if we needed one
Flash the lights so not be outdone
wanting joy so much we take a hit
like a tapeworm deep in hunger digs
Waste the sacred just to feed these pigs

If this is real, then you must find it
between the space of grace and grim
It's nothing you can manufacture
your walls cannot contain Him

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Fireflies Lyrics

Blushing skin is whispering
slight of tongue, can kill so softly
Velvet lips sing lullabies
so satin sleek but still so costly
Knees weaken crumble and fall
Mere mortals she's had them all
This gift of sight
this glorious blight

close your eyes
They flicker dim then die
not true stars just fading lies
(Fireflies close your eyes
Dancing so sweetly by
then disappearing with a sigh)

Far too easily distracted
by this wretched curse
I'm enticed and so attracted
bait and trap me, perhaps worse
Jade brilliance emerald lies
Each glimmer must fade and die
This gift of sight
this glorious blight

I don't want these distractions
no compromise for fractions
Diminish these subtractions
false lights are just refractions

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Hello Lamewads Lyrics

Feel the burn and the fury of my pen
feel the fire, as I fan the flames again
brace yourself for the mediocre
Hail the king of the almost good enough
nothing bold, nothing's flying off the cuff
things might change, but don't hold your breath yet
Try floating with the flow,
try not to run too slow
be average, not below, Let's go

Hello lamewads, I'm with you
raise your fists if this rings true
Hello lamewads, never quite our best or finest
hello lamewads, I'm predicting a C minus, now.

Hello lamewads, hello.
Like a shoelace slowly coming loose
like a flashlight running out of juice
save your necks, with some lame excuses
I'm neither friend or foe, I'm never going pro
does this sound apropos?
Let's go.

Niether hot nor cold this is getting old

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How Your Halo Fell Lyrics

You wake up in the morning
you punch the clock
before you ever rub your eyes
and all the breath you're taking in
is spent up on some distant longing sigh
Remember when we traded in our dreams for drabbest gray
for dresses and these stupid suits and ties?
I know that you've had enough
I know that we've both grown up
But something sweet inside of you has died

I know how your halo fell
I saw you bid your heart farewell
You sealed your lips, you thought that you would never tell
but I know how your halo fell, is miserable,
blocking out these periwinkle skies
and somewhere in the midst of this
you bite your lip and say your sad goodbyes
I am not the best with words
I wish I had a better speech
I know that there's all the reason
in the world for you to hate me

Corazon, This Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ
It tells you that he loves you
more than thirst compels us all
to ever wet our lips
if you could only hear...Listen

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In Excelsis Deo Lyrics

This wooden soul of mine
it cannot ever climb
from places it has fallen
in between where light can shine
It never falls in line
it barely has a spine
like branches severed from the vine
like it was faulty by design
And now your mercy lights up my dark eyes
your brilliant hope now lifts my falling skies
and I'm the object of your affection
You loved me still in my imperfection

The sun will shine on winter snow
and shadows fade in Excelsis Deo

This wooden soul is old
It's lies are growing cold
its knotted trunk is straightening
its roots are loosening their hold
So cluttered with debris
this inefficient melody
I'll keep waiting patiently
if this world will ever release me
You love me even though I am untrue
if I was perfect, I wouldn't need you
I'm the object of your affection
You loved me still in my imperfection

Gloria, in excelsis Deo
Not so far, not so far to go

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Quicksilver Lyrics

On Friday night I came awake like an alarm clock
Some shaking junkie's begging out on the sidewalk
And I could not allow my eyes
to meet his deep fear that my soul may still betray me
As if my will had always kept me steady
as if I hadn't caved in already

Quicksilver, quicksilver
Shadows dodge and fade
something less than why we're made

This vacant emptiness,
this hollow is eating
stabs through my side like thorns, so defeating
The glint of gold, sparks of silver, shining
the slightest breath of why we're pining
We take the crumbs like our hearts are at peace
We are far too easily pleased

I need this burning inside me
this brilliant aura, this electricity
I'm being haunted by spectres of what might be
of imperfections, of nearness to beauty
As life butchers, so sweet yet so sickening
we have betrayed, for each tiny flickering

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Red Eye To Miami Lyrics

Underwater, trapped inside a sinking bunker
twenty-five feet below a german Junker
Doctor Venom points the 30 Browning
gotta stop his plan, gotta save themselves from drowning
Kwinn turns to Snake Eyes, and winks his eye
the water's getting higher, gotta make a break or die
Cross yourself for the Virgin Mary
don't turn your back on a mercenary

The first one dead gets his body plundered
they hit the beach at o-six-hundred
Saving the world, while the world's asleep
get your American Flags while they're still cheap
It's do or die
dropping from the sky
Pack your camies
red eye to Miami

Some German bomber circa World War Two
just enough fuel for a three man crew
Trigger finger itching from the lack of sleep
from Sierra Gordo to Miami Beach
Venom has some toxin for your twenty dollar bills
but Snake Eyes is a Ninja from the Yokohama hills;
Better pray hard that this plane don't land
Or he's gonna throw down like it's Vietnam

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Say Sayonara Lyrics

I've been taking the wrong way
just so I won't fall for you.
Every time I hear your voice,
it just cleaves my heart in two
Like a kamikaze strapped with fifty megatons
you've been gunning my battleship,
you fly the rising sun
I've been walking in circles, while you wait so patiently
I even grew out a mustache, so you wouldn't fall for me
But when you hit my hull, my heart will detonate
I'll wave the white flag as I show up two weeks late
I can't take it anymore
I guess you win, but who's keeping score?

After the dark the sun must rise
Say sayonara to sad goodbyes
See the dawn light up your somber skies
Say sayonara to sad goodbyes

I'm a sheep in wolves clothing, you said I'm not your type
as if we both could resist this, like we could sleep at night
You'll drop the hammer, watch your zero arc and dive
like a glorious angel, you'll fall down from the sky
I can't take it anymore
I guess you win,
but who's keeping score?

You're the beautiful starlight,
peering through these skies
you're the peace that I've prayed for, aren't you, Green Eyes?

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Vendetta Lyrics

Put your glasses on,
baby I've been cutting coupons lately
And might I say that you are looking so fine girl
we'll stay put until the crack of nine little girl
At the cakewalk, just like Matlock

Shake it all night
rock it like you're eighteen
make it alright, busting back on the scene

Vendetta, vendetta!
Put your dentures in,
sweet-talker I just painted flames on my walker
I'll pick you up at 6 AM
we'll show off to our jealous friends
You'll wear lipstick, I'll wear depends
At last we shall have our revenge
We'll stage dive from as high as we can climb
I hope that I don't bust my hip, this time
I'll buy you anything less than a dime
At the rock show, like Barry Manilow

All hell can't stop us now
We shall have our revenge

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You're Still The One Lyrics

Well, baby, when I first saw you we were at the Hippy Rock Show
You called me an ignorant male oppressor and spat in my face because I like meat
But the first time I got a whiff of that Petuli you were wearing I knew it was love
I think we're going to make it

Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there I someday
They said, I bet they'll never make it
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

Ain't nothin' better
We beat the odds together
I'm glad we didn't listen
Look at what we might be missin'
Looks like we made it

They said, I bet they'll never make it
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

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You're With Stupid Lyrics

He's burning the butane
he's got a wallet chain
he will show off his tattoos
He's almost six foot six
he's scoping all the chicks
while he's hanging on to you
And you're unaware that his eyes are never on you
he's working on his game
Just pretend that you re in love with whats-his-name

You're the one who's breaking every heart in here
you're with stupid
He's the one that should be crying in his beer
you're with stupid

Her face is all aglow
so pale like whitest snow
it's more than I can bear
I'm swallowing so hard
I'm keeping up my guard
I am trying not to swear
'Cause he's right there with his perfect arms around you
stabbing my heart through
If he wouldn't punch my face in, I'd say to you...

See the sunlight shining through he just isn't good for you.

You're the one who's breaking every heart in here
you're with stupid
He's the one that should be crying in his beer
you're with stupid
You're the one who's causing every eye to tear
you're with stupid
I'm the one who wishes he could disappear
I feel stupid.stupid.

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