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Artist: Focused

Songs on "Bow" Album

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Behold - View Behold Lyrics
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Behold Lyrics

Fighting a war
A timeless hour
Clock still ticking
Theres a picture in my head.

An endless killing, an endless slaughter.
There are no innocent, all are dead.

Final days in revelation a prophecy fulfilled.
The dead will rise on judgment day.
No time to think.
No time to hide.
Black ash. No light.
Die eternal death.

Behold the fate you choose.


Come into the light.
A living water.
Never thirst.
A voice inside your head knocking at the door to your heart.
A spirit of love.
Acceptance is the key.
(2 Corinthians 5:17)
If any man is in Christ he is a new creation.
Old thing pass away.
Behold all have become new.

Behold the fate you choose.

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Bow Lyrics

A white flag can not end this bloody war.
No water can cool this fire that burns on.
You've lived in clouds of rebellion that are now being blown away by the winds of consequence.
The peace in your heart will now be replaced by terror in your eyes
because the fire that will consume you is a fire that you have lit.
The hands you've killed with will decay.
The eyes you've plotted with will melt away.
The light you rebel in is about to be swallowed up by an unfathomable darkness.
You've made yourself your God and now God will make you a vessel of wrath.
Wipe the tears from our eyes,
erase the fear from your heart put
your knee in the dirt and bow to the God that holds your blood red
destiny in the palm of his awesome hands.

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Strain Lyrics

Times Ive spent Ive spent searching,
looking, wanting answers but so scared,
so frightened it wont be what I want.
Then i realize my conscious effort to filter out the imperfection in my life.
To seek the guidance for the truth and remove the time spent wasted, the time lost.

Straining to achieve.
Facing reality.
Im not apart from my eternity.

Recovered from afar a past of unbroken dreams only wanting for myself.
So dark to what I see.
Reaching toward a higher place to save me from this pain.
What to gain a life of strain a race to run.
Standing up to no other one but the true God.

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Walh Beside Me Lyrics

Say youre a friend, talk is cheap.
Its not the promises we make, its the ones that we keep.
And I will live in darkness no - only in the light.
Well work together not in spite.

You say youre a friend dont walk in front of me.
Just walk beside me.

Never use a fist only an open hand.
I never intend to hurt only to understand.
Look into my eyes, cause theres not a blank stare.
Its obvious if you really care.

If im confused and dont know what to do an open mind seeing helps me through.
Learn from my mistakes and I will learn from yours.
Together well defeat these pressures.

Together we stand no hatred at all.
Thats weakness man it will make us fall.
Bonded by Christ is how we live.
Never to take only to give.

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