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Artist: Rez

Songs on "Bootleg" Album

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Area 312 - View Area 312 Lyrics
Broken Promises - View Broken Promises Lyrics
Can't Stop Loving You - View Can't Stop Loving You Lyrics
Playground - View Playground Lyrics
Quite Enough - View Quite Enough Lyrics
White Noise - View White Noise Lyrics

Area 312 Lyrics

Hiding out in my bedroom
I wish that I could die
No one seems to love me
But I'm not gonna cry
Boyfriend left me yesterday
He said I wasn't cool
But I'm all right, yeah, I'm okay
I ain't nobody's fool

I hate it here in Area 312
Can't make it here in Area 312
Operator, listen please
I got loneliness disease
In Area 312

Acting all the different roles
Wearing a new face
Needing someone to know me
Out here lost in space
Best friend said
I wasn't tought
Teenage lobotomy
But life is more
Than girl meets boy
When myself ain't met me

High school unreality
Normality, so strange
Looking for some answers
Ready for a change
Feeling so distressed tonight
Jesus, are You there
Could we talk a little while
I heard You really care

I hate it here in Area 312
Can't make it here in Area 312
Jesus, won't You listen please
I got loneliness disease
In Area 312

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Broken Promises Lyrics

Broken promises
Broken by me and not You
Jesus, break me
Lord, snap my stubborn heart in two
Lonely hors, so many wasted talents
That I've sown
But now I'm ready to follow You, Jesus
My dear Lord, I'm coming home
Lord, I want You to change me
Rearrange me
Lord, I want You to mold me
I just want You to hold me
Sweet Savior, just love me
Your thoughts are so high above me
I confess that I need You
I really know that I need You
I need You

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Can't Stop Loving You Lyrics

I love the rain
I love the autumn wind
I love the snow
I love the space I'm in
I love the cold on a winter's day
I love the thruth
Of the things You say
Sometimes my world gets spinning like a top
No matter what the price I just can't stop
I can't stop loving You
No matter what they say

I love the waves
On the stormy sea
I love the stars
The way they shine at me
I love the moon
I see Your light in it
I love Your Word
There's so much life in it

Sometimes it seems my world is falling down
How good to know, Lord, that I've been found
I can't stop loving You
No matter what they say

Lord there's nothing more that I'd like to do
Than see your face and fly away with You
To pass those gates and enter heaven
With my wife and all my children
Oh Lord I know You must be coming soon
And I stand before this world
And shout It's true
I can't stop living You

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Playground Lyrics

Go on kid get out of here
You're just in my way
I don't see you I don't hear you
Nothing that you say
I'm too busy living my life
You just drag me down
Here's a dollar, maybe two
Now go find something else to do

I see them every day
With holes all in their clothes
Dirty faces, matted hair
Snot runnig from their nose
I wonder what they had to eat
I wonder where they sleep
Glue bags, porn, and suicide
The devil sells you cheap

Litlle children in the streets
All day, all day
I wonder where thay play
All day, all day

Behind the velvet curtains
Kids act out what they've seen
All caught up in TV shows
And fashion magazines
I wonder when they talk to dad
I wonder what he'd say
If he knew Jill was pregnant
And little Jack was a gay

They say God lives in the sky
Does he really care?
Maybe he's got lots to do
Don't want us in his hair
But I can tell you firsthand
He took me in his arms
God don't beat his children
Or leave them all alone

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Quite Enough Lyrics

Well I used to sign those sad songs
But I don't need to anymore
Well I used to feel so lonely
But Jesus kicked taht out the Door
Now I'm filled with His Holy Spirit
He's the one I'm living for

You might worship women
You might worship men or wine and song
But what we need is forgiveness
From all our sinning and from all wrong
Because Jesus is returning
And this little world won't last that long

You can have your fortune
You can keep your fame
Dope and sex ain't lasting
And money's just the same
You might worship music
And you might dig the blues
Tell me what will you be doing
When Jesus comes for you
Used to dig religion
Somehow the false prophets up and died
Used to worship my doping
Till my brains got up and fried
I used to worship knowledge
Thought it would set me free
I found Jesus' love is quite enough for me

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White Noise Lyrics

Defective youth, the writing's on the wall
Decline of the West, see the fallout fall
Violence, banner of the tough
Politicians playing blind man's bluff

Now what, whose deal?
What's truth, what's real?
Turn it down, turn it off
It's all white noise to me

America's missiles, a superpower blessed
A hungry child is crying, pretend it's just a test
Russia's got the gulag, Pretoria the bomb
Making sure the weak keep silent, move along

Defective man, the writing's on your heart
Reality of evil, tearing you apart
Hanging in the balance, you hear the Savior call
Make Him Lord of everything or see the nations fall

Now what, whose deal?
He's truth, He's real
Open up, start to feel
No more white noise for me

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