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Artist: Mad at the World

Songs on "Boomerang" Album

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All These Questions - View All These Questions Lyrics
Back To You - View Back To You Lyrics
Ballad of Adam And Eve - View Ballad of Adam And Eve Lyrics
Don't Give Up - View Don't Give Up Lyrics
Draggin' The Chains - View Draggin' The Chains Lyrics
House Of Sin - View House Of Sin Lyrics
If You Listen - View If You Listen Lyrics
Isn't Sex A Wonderful Thing? - View Isn't Sex A Wonderful Thing? Lyrics
No More Innocence (Reprise) - View No More Innocence (Reprise) Lyrics
Sunday - View Sunday Lyrics

All These Questions Lyrics

Is the light of Heaven shinning bright or slightly fading?
Say it to me once again I cant hear what youre saying
Jesus can you hear me when Im on my knees and praying
An the pain from the strain in my brain
Makes me feel sometimes like Ive gone insane
But faith in your love is the answer to all these questions

Did you see me searching everywhere to know Your leading
Is it sad to see me cry or watch me as Im bleeding
Can you hear those desperate cries of dying people pleading
Yes I believe that You care for this world
And the needs of people everywhere
My faith in your love is the answer to all these questions

And when this world gets me down
And the clouds of confusion try to hang around
My faith in Your love is the answer
Yes I know the rules You taught me
And if I need excuses for the times I fail to make them
And nobody but You would ever know
The others I can fake them
So I go on my knees praying please
Its the only way thing change in me
My faith in Your love is the answer
God is the answer

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Back To You Lyrics

There once was an ugly old man
And in the way of love hed stand
And he wouldnt be a friend to anyone except himself
And in the days of the ugly mans need
Nobody ever even heard his plead
Cause all the ones who tried to love him
He had chased them all away
Now he knows its true
The ugliness comes back to you

She was holding all her love inside
It was the safest thing to do
Cause if she never let her feelings out shed never have to cry
But its a different story now
She took a chance on love somehow
And the man who loves her faithfully
Showed her the reason why
Its up to you
The love you give comes back to you

Down on his knees to pray
He didnt know really what to say
But he knew things would be different now
Because he had the faith
And now hes traveling on a different road
With a peach that he never knew
But if he never had the faith to try
Hed only wonder why I say to you
The faith you have comes back to you

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Ballad of Adam And Eve Lyrics

Long ago when the world was young
And nobody understood
The way a man and a woman could be in love
The way they should
He was sad
He knew that something was missing
But soon Adam would see
A woman as he woke up from his sleep
She was soft with the purest touch
And her eyes said that she cared
A friend to him and a friend to her
And all the would to share
And when they came together man and wife
It was the perfect thing to do
And they said those words together I love you

Thats the way that love began
And thats the way that love was meant to be
In the sadness or the laughter
Into the darkness or the day
The two of them became as one
And love would guide the way
Never leaving never thinking twice
About a life for them apart
They were joined together by the love inside their hearts

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Don't Give Up Lyrics

Written by Randy Rose

Dont give up, soldiers youre almost there
Dont give up, believers youre almost there
Cause youre in a land where no one seems to care
Jesus cares, and He wants to hold your hand

Though its hard sometimes, please dont give up
Well it seems so hard sometimes, Please dont give up

Cause youre in a land where no one seems to care
Jesus cares, and He wants to hold your hand
I see youre hearts drowning in the mire
I feel youre hearts cold, now God set it on fire

Cause youre in a land where no one seems to care
Jesus cares, and He wants to hold your hand

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Draggin' The Chains Lyrics

Written by Roger Rose & Brent Gordon

Im a runnin man hiding in streets
But I got no plan no promises to keep
So here I am spinnin round in every direction

I hear that voice calling from above
But Ive made my choice, I dont need Heavens love
Cause I got my will got my ways
I think Im gonna keep them

But lifes full of changes
A mystery to me
But in these changes
I can see, What this is doing to me
The weights all around me
Now my sins finally found me
Im a jailboy, Im draggin the chains
Dead in this prison from the life Ive been livin
But I still go on draggin the chains
Draggin the ball and chains

And then the seasons change
It brings a new tomorrow
As it re-arranges into pain and sorrow
Im searchin now looking for a
Man called Jesus
I need a helping hand
God you gotta hear me
Do you understand
Can you love and heal me like I think you can
All I know is now that I need You
Lifes full of changes
Its funny how it goes
One day we dont see it
Then next day we know
The next day we know

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House Of Sin Lyrics

It aint safe. It aint clean and the doors dont lock
Its got demons in the walls and sometimes they talk
Thats where I used to live yeah and I was born that way
I was livin to die and dying alone
I needed a place where it felt like home
So now I dont live in that house of sin no more

I tried to clean that house like any good man should
I hid the trash in back I put new paint on the wood
I made it look o.k., if you were passing by
But if you stayed for a while it didnt take long
To figure it out that somethings all wrong, really wrong
So now I dont live in that house of sin no more

You know I looked real hard but I couldnt see
That the place I lived in had a hold on me
I didnt understand I guess I couldnt tell
I was a hard working man heading straight to Hell

My house payments got so high I couldnt make ends meet
I thought Id find myself out on the street
And then a house builder said, Ive got an offer from the boss
Weve got a mansion bought and paid for
And well trade it for your little house straight across.
So now I dont have to live in that house of sin no more

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If You Listen Lyrics

Sorrow in their eyes, chasing anyone, burning like the blazing sun
The demons are calling to the souls of millions
And the demons come back if you listen

They want your innocence they want your purity
Theyll take your soul eventually
Lies that come from Hell, Satan loves to tell to the angels that fell
The demons are calling to the souls of millions
And the demons come back if you listen
So dont you listen

And so the story goes each evil spirit knows
Some day theyre gonna crash and burn
But when its said and done theres nothing they can do
To someone who wont listen to
The demons

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Isn't Sex A Wonderful Thing? Lyrics

Three letter word it rules the earth Ive heard
No its not luv, thats not what Im thinking of
Husband and wife together all their lives
Til he chose her instead cause shes 18, sexy and good in bed
Isnt sex a wonderful thing?
Throw away your wedding ring
Isnt sex a wonderful thing?

She had it all when she was very small
No lack of love, no problems to speak of
As time went by she caught her fathers eye
And every night as he would rape her he would say
This means Daddy loves you, Honey. Yes its okay.
Isnt sex a wonderful thing?
Nothings sacred its a crying shame
Isnt sex a wonderful thing?

Does anybody care about their purity?
And is anybody sure what gender they should be?
And does anybody mind that Gods been left behind?
And here we are today, where not to many people left can
Honestly say
Isnt sex a wonderful thing?
Seems like the human race can ruin anything
Isnt sex a wonderful thing?

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No More Innocence (Reprise) Lyrics

In your little mind you see the crime
The script is written line by line
Youre so aware of everything
Thats going on in there

Written down by your consent
You have control of each event
But this is not a simple game of youth and innocence

Oh, its happening to you
No more innocence to you
No more little believer anymore

Into some new thing you have become
Im lonely for the other one
Sometimes that I used to know
Before you went away

But the world is strong
I ought to know
I live under its shadow
Kiss goodbye your simple childhood
Welcome to the world

Its a nave thought of me, I guess
To think of you not like the rest
Questioning the change
I see in you from day to night

And sad to you as it may seem
You changed the ending of my dream
Where innocence is beautiful
And love means what is right

(From The Album Mad At The World 1986 Broken Songs)

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Sunday Lyrics

Written by Randy Rose

Sun shinning bright honest light glows on this day
Happy go lucky trees are green, all clean at this
Perfect park all is well yet

This day means loneliness to an empty man like him
Sitting there on Sunday

See him sitting there with his cold dark stare on this day
See his desperation, look at his isolation
See his world of pain driving him insane
This day means loneliness to an empty man like him
Sitting there on Sunday

He has lost his wife, lost his kids
By a murderers knife
Have compassion for this man on Sunday, on every day

This day means loneliness to an empty man
Like him sitting there on Sunday

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