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Artist: Bloodshed

Songs on "Bloodshed" Album

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Scarlet Letter - View Scarlet Letter Lyrics
Tabletop - View Tabletop Lyrics

Scarlet Letter Lyrics

As the clouds drift in the sky The black rose begins to bloom Hypocrisy grows louder Of shuttering cries of what was you This isn't the outside Choked to declare what is yours Cut my throat Is this what will freeze the fire My weakest style is my greatest defeat I am not what they heard of Bring in the pain as the punch begins to hit From the habits of self-love Alone, life dims to its darkest path Alone, neither you or me can grab a hold Alone, I'm not yours, you're not mine Alon

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Tabletop Lyrics

The time pass me by Life changes around Never know my eyes These eyes look to see To be, with yo

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