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Artist: Blindside

Songs on "Blindside" Album

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Born - View Born Lyrics
Daughter - View Daughter Lyrics
Empty Box - View Empty Box Lyrics
Forgiven - (1996 Demo Version)
Invert - View Invert Lyrics
Liberty - View Liberty Lyrics
Liberty - (1996 Demo Version)
Nara (Translation) - View Nara (Translation) Lyrics
One Mind - View One Mind Lyrics
Replay - View Replay Lyrics
Stolen - (1996 Demo Version)
Superman - (1996 Demo Version)
Teddy Bear - View Teddy Bear Lyrics
This Shoulder - View This Shoulder Lyrics

Born Lyrics

As I stand here watching your worn-out shell
You used it well
I can feel it in the atmosphere somehow
I want to see with your eyes right now
I know youve never been this close before
Youve been feeling homesick for a while
This is the moment youve been longing for

The gate is slowly opening more and more
And Im already missing you
I always thouhgt the walls between
The worlds were bigger was thicker
And Im already missing you

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Daughter Lyrics

You kissed me on my cheek goodbye
But I didn't mean
Crazy it may seem
But to me you were never ever unclean
I know you know I am but even if it's slow
You're walking away
You think you are here to stay
Although your pride have grown
Legs taking you away
I wonder for how long you can take
That image you fake

Fingers in your ears
My lips are just moving
You don't want to hear

Taking and breaking the things
That is you and I
You ask for a goodbye
Want this part of you to die
Why do you have to wear that make-up?
I see your thoughts are screaming in my face
Shut up

You and I unseparable
Don't you know
I didn't come here to judge
You'll be free and I will make you whole
Those wounds must hurt
Let me clean you let me get rid of your bull
I'll make you full
That deep down emptiness I'll just blow away
Because no matter what they say
You will never be alone with me anyway
To feel pain ain't a sin
But it's when you're trying to cover it up
You hurt me within
I'll take one step
Can you take one too?

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Empty Box Lyrics

The charade is over now
Still you're trying to hide it somehow
Am I wrong when I say a piece is missing?
Inside is screaming you stay quiet
No one is listening
You're picking up a shell
No one will ever tell
The difference and so the indifference will come

You can't climb out of your empty box alone

Grab your hair but you can't lift yourself up
Still you're telling me to shut up
Don't you get fed up with your own pride?
Realize we're on the same side
You are not the first one
Who lost track of the sun
You can't see that now I know

Don't want to sound superior
but even though I know this is
not a cave can't you see the light
I'll walk beside you tonight

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Invert Lyrics

Start the motor let the engine spin
Give it fuel so it can't stop within
Precious harmony I say
Wont you open the door
Let me in let me stay
In your arms under your wing
Give me some water from your everlasting spring
Shut up must stop talking to myself
Shut up must stop rely on my shell
I'm in you you're in me
Glad you came to my senses
Because I didn't

Eye for an eye
Some things are hard to
Say goodbye to
And you
Are what I want to be when I say I'm invert

Ouch it hurts when my shoulder hit
Their shoulders
Ouch want to go mainstream just like them
God help me go bolder
I know I'm not and I forgot that I am
Not the one who is going to make things done
All by myself I think I made You tiny
But I am glad You made me see
In Your presence You're just growing
And growing and I'm being just me

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Liberty Lyrics

Everything is allowed
Sex gathered crowd

It tickles
You just want to play
It tickles
But soon it plays with you
You want to leave but you stay

I see you
You don't want to try
I love you
And I'm not good at good-byes
You say you're not bad
Why should I end up down there?
You say you're not bad
But I can only take what's mine
Say you care
Is he your father now?

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Nara (Translation) Lyrics

[Title: Close] Her heart was beating harder for every second The shell was holding up like never before A refusal to where all this has it's foundation The shell hold up, but big dents bulge Not now, maybe later and never before Like a flower that never blossomed About a longing that never given birth to a decision About a longing that never ended With the feet so far below the ground surface And yet carrier of a rootless heart Too hard to get up and still knowing That beauty comes out of pain And I wish I could pull you up from there But no one else than The Only One can And I wish I could pull you up from there My tongue can never dress in words that my flame is true And I shall never again be afraid of showing my weak self Never again with threat try to prove my love So let yourself get hit in the heart, let it bleed If I could I would take back the words that were dead If you could be fed through His life If your heart would bleed Whatever choice you make I remain Meet me at the feet of the Prince of Peace I have nothing except what are my roots Meet me on your knees before His fe

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One Mind Lyrics

I used to be making future plans
As I would dance
At your funeral that's me
The superman I always wanted to be
Pretending blindness
I didn't want to find this
Something I left behind
But always with me
Somehow protecting me
Somehow trying to convince
This blind man to see

What am I going to say
When you come my way
What am I going to do
When you come through

Past present
How on earth did my lifestyle
Become this pleasant
Basically I'm this kite
Flying around in this great big night
Birdman feeling free
But my strings attached to the man below me
If birdman wanted to fly on his own
He would be a slave to the storm

Can I
I won't
Go on walking without

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Replay Lyrics

It seems so clear today
Why not yesterday instant replay
There I go again without having anything to say

I don't lie everything I said to you was true
But still just words trying to
convince myself of my position on the same level as you

Shut your eyes
Cover your ears
You can't see my eyes
Because my mouth is too wide open

When my mouth starts talking about
everything I have and what I can bring
That is the proof for you that I have nothing

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Teddy Bear Lyrics

I'm here
You've got me
Have no fear
Savior that's me
On a stable rock I'll place you
You can rest
That I will personally will see to

You called out my name
I heard you
You're healed

What happens now?
You're healed
But still I'm disappearing somehow
In your cry I'll always be near
But in your laughter I don't disappear
I'll gladly wipe away your tears
But I'll never become your teddybear

Don't throw this away
I'm no teddybear

I'm here
You've got me
Have no fear
Savior that's me
No favors that's no what I came for
If you had any idea what I've got in store

You called out my name
I heard you
You say I'm feeling fine
You say no deal
But I'll always be two steps behind
In case you change your mind
In your cry I'll always be near
But in your laughter I don't disappear
I'll gladly wipe away your tear
But I'll never become your teddybear

Think through whatever you decide to do
Can't make you but I ask you please don't fake
When you come before me
I know you don't like when you don't see me with your physical eyes
But I tell you what you think you see can be lies

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This Shoulder Lyrics

Come with me, ride upon my shoulder why don't you
Don't you see, you can't fall down when you're
On my shoulder
You wonder if you must climb
To get away from the slime
Seeking it's way in to your heart
But I know
Yes I know

You'll see this through
Come ride upon my shoulders I'll carry you
Why is it that you must fight alone?
I've known you before you did
So don't you play no charade

Breathe my air, come ride upon my shoulders
Don't feel scared, I won't break when you're on
My shoulder
You wonder if you must climb
To get away from the slime
But I alone will lift you up
Because I know
Yes I know

It is time
To leave yourself behind
I can take every drop of your spit
But it's when you do you see you don't fit
It is time

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