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Artist: Monday Morning

Songs on "Blind" Album

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Amazed - View Amazed Lyrics
Come Rain - View Come Rain Lyrics

Amazed Lyrics

You're the one who turns my head, You're my God and to myself I'm dead
You're the one by which I'm led, You're the one
You're the one who loves me more than I could see or ever ask for
You're the one that I adore, You're the one
By You, I'm amazed
By You, I'm dazed
By You, I'm crazed
By You, I'm saved
You came you led a sinless life,
You suffered on the cross to take away all mine
For me alone You would have given You life, You're the one
I'm so amazed by You
Are you amazed are you?

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Come Rain Lyrics

A flower can't change without a drop of rain
It'll only stay the same and fade away
Each hour of every day,I need You here with me
You make me see You're all I need come rain
Come rain on me
Wash all of me away
'Til only you remain
Come rain
Thank God I can see there's nothing lift of me
It's all been washed away, I'm changed
I fell Your mercy, Your blood it covers me
You make me see You're all I need come rain
I can't explain it
How Your love pours on me
How You make me fell inside
Your truth surrounds me
Your power moves me
Into Your arms

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