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Blessing Me

Artist: Jacky Clark-Chisholm

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Blessing Me - View Blessing Me Lyrics

Blessing Me Lyrics

Blessing Me
by Jacky Clark Chisholm featuring the Clark Sisters
From CD: Jacky Clark Chisholm Expectancy

(The lord is keep on) Blessing me, He keep on blessing me.
(Open doors I) Could not see, he keeps on (blessing me)
Jacky: Every time I turn around he keeps on blessing me, Every time I turn around I can clearly see him holding me, molding me, making me, shaping me, can't no one do me like he does.

He keeps on (keeps on) keeps on (keeps on blessing me)
(Repeat all 2X)

(BLESSING ME)-(this is sanged until all sisters say part)- (jacky starts singing during 8th blessing me)

Jacky:I will bless the lord at all times, he keeps right on...I love him because...

Twinkie:Oh when I think of his goodness and all he done for me my soul cries out Halleluejah

Dorinda: yeah, the lord keeps right on blessing me, He bless my going out, he bless my coming in, yeah

Karen:yeah, Keeps on blessing me, yeah oh he keeps, he keeps on blessing me

He keeps on(keeps on) keeps on(keeps on blessing me)-(2X)

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