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Blessing Me

Artist: The Williams Brothers

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Blessing Me - View Blessing Me Lyrics

Blessing Me Lyrics

When I was a child
I didn't know I could be saved
And Not live the same way
Do things differently
But see, Now that I'm older
I got bigger wings
And I can fly up high to see the King
Cause I gotta interven
with the man that healed every body can't you see
He laid his hands on me
Enabled me to walk the streets
You know he laid his hands on me
Enabled me to walk the streets

He's blessin me
He's blessin meee,
He's blessin me
He's blessin me. ooh o

O o Oo o oo ohoo oo o oohhoo he's blessin me...

Now it was evendet that you needed him but you didn't call on him
you wanted him but you wanted me to do it for ya
Now umimtely you effect yo way of bein bless
Now if you want him (he'll do)
Whateva you want him (to do)
Lord knows if you called on him when it wanted you to
Right now you be blessed likes he wants you to
But When praises go up blessings come down
And I'm recievin blessings all the time


Lift yo head up
Everything gone be alright
Don't you worry
Cause you know he will dry yo eyes

CHORUS till fade out

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