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Blessed Be The Lord

Artist: Clint Brown

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Blessed Be The Lord - View Blessed Be The Lord Lyrics

Blessed Be The Lord Lyrics

Blessed Be The Lord
Written by Martha Munizzi

Chorus 1
Blessed be the Lord
Who reigns forevermore
Blessed be the Lord God Almighty

Verse 1
Come on everybody
(Come on everybody)
Get up on your feet
(Get up on your feet)
Put your hands together
(Put your hands together)
Let's magnify His name
(Let's magnify His name)

Verse 2
He is the King of kings
He is the Lord of lords
He is the Holy One
Who reigns forevermore

Chorus 2
Bendecido sea el Seor
Que reina por siempre hoy
Bendecido sea el Seor Poderoso

Misc 1
Ol ol ol
Ol ol ol

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