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Artist: Bleach

Songs on "Bleach" Album

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All That's Sweet - View All That's Sweet Lyrics
All To You - View All To You Lyrics
Breathe - View Breathe Lyrics
Good - View Good Lyrics
Heartbeat - View Heartbeat Lyrics
Once Again Here We Are - View Once Again Here We Are Lyrics
Race - View Race Lyrics
Reasons - View Reasons Lyrics
Straight Shooter - View Straight Shooter Lyrics
Sun Stands Still - View Sun Stands Still Lyrics
What Will Your Anthem Be - View What Will Your Anthem Be Lyrics
You - View You Lyrics

All That's Sweet Lyrics

I will strike the chord
That's honey to your ears
All that's sweet is yours
I will hum a verse
Of melodies rehearsed
All that's sweet is yours

So here is my offering
Just a downbeat and a string
But to you it's a beautiful thing
And here is what I bring
Only downbeats and a string
And to you, it's beautiful

I will strike the chord
That's honey to your ears
All that's sweet is yours
Loveliness you bring
I can't help but sing
All that's sweet is yours

When it seems I've broken down
When these chords are frail
You look with a smile and you say it's beautiful

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All To You Lyrics

I can't wait to get out of here
I can't fake through this pain I feel
It's been too long, that I've been gone
Now I'm coming back, I'm coming back
So long, it's gone
This burden that I carry

I'll give it all to You, to You

I wade out and the waves are bigger
I can't sort through all this junk so I surrender
I've gone on, way too long
Now I've had enough, I'll give it up to you
This storm is great, but You are so much greater


I can't wait to see you standing there so bright and special
And all the waves that crashed around my head
Fall silent at the whisper of your voice


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Breathe Lyrics

Here I go on a whim
Giving in to the pressure
These things just keep dragging me down
All the stress I'm a mess
I confess I can't hide it
And I can't get myself off the ground
'Cause these things just keep
Holding me down


So breathe Your breath on me
So breathe Your breath on me
Here I come back around
'Cause I found that the pressure
Is nothing compared to Your plan
Here I am in Your hands
And it's clear that Your greatness
Will breathe new life in me again
And there's no turning back
Not a chance

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Good Lyrics

What goes around, comes around
And I can't breathe
What holds me up is what holds me down
And I am more unstable than I seem

My heart is bare
There's not much there

But I believe you've given me
More than I could know
But I know this
You are good

I've fought the fight against myself
And I've lost the fight again
My body's broke from falling down
Just give me one more chance this time I'll win

My heart is bare
But I know that you're there

My eyes are weak I can barely see
A glimmer of your gold but its enough to know
You are good

And through it all you've given me
A peace that overflows
Oh how I know
That you are good

So good to me
You are good

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Heartbeat Lyrics

It's been a long long time since
Since I've spent some time with you
I'm seeing lonely moments
Seeing lonely truths
A distant tone has come to me
And now I find I'm missing
That old familiar tune
A song your heart has played me
A rhythm I once new

So lay me down at your feet
And sing the words that you know I need

Cause I'm here I want to hear your heartbeat
Please put your love around me
And just let me know
That you're here
Now I'm an arms reach from you
From the lover of my soul

And so ill fight the current
I'll fight the undertow
Help me swim away from
Where my weakness grows

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Once Again Here We Are Lyrics

Once again here we are another melody I'll sing
And you will laugh and you will smile
But when we're done we all will leave.
But there is something more I wasn't to give
More than just a melody, I guess

Once again, here we are, this little trip seems so far
We'll spin these tires and beat the road
A few more songs, A few more shows

Once again here we are, He has carried us this far
When I get tires, I won't quit
Until I've given all I've got to give

Once again here we are
Here we are once again

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Race Lyrics

You've not seen the white smoke for years
It seems to me you've stripped out
Stripped out all your gears

You know it will whip you a bit
Don't know if you can handle it
But you can taste it, you taste the thrill
Come on come on just one more mile
You can make it if you will

I want to race, I wish you'd race
I want to race you there
Step on out and step on in
To a race that never ends

Drop it out you know it drags you down
Rather turn your head to see a blurry crown
But then you've been here before
It's sounding better, better more and more


This thing, the call
Decision based on knowing
You've joined the race
And know it's got you goin'
Bloodstream is pumping
One hundred miles an hour
You're set, to go
You know it's now or not at all

Let's get it started

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Reasons Lyrics

Is this not what you wanted
Or is this gonna be
Something that was started when I was only three
Just a small boy singing, sitting on the couch spinning
Records going round and round, records going round

Reasons calling he's been calling me
He won't ever, He won't go away

I didn't seem to notice, that you we're right behind me
Even when I'm not aware of, you pick me up and get me started
Dressing up for the part of a picture that my mom is hoping
That the film will turn out right, That the film will turn out


I want to thank you, for all you've done and will do
I was on the inside, stuck on my self
Opinions, that all that mattered to me
Well that conversations ending
God is just beginning
God is just

And He will get you through it
I hope you find the time
We're not about to lose it
O hope you're felling fine

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Straight Shooter Lyrics

Flat face on the ground
You're unbelievable
A love that's never bound
It's unbelievable
Straight shooter without looking
Ready or not - here's what's cooking
You've got me fazed
Your grace is unbelievable

You have filled me once again
Steer me straight to be the man
After your own heart

Just as a man so unretrievable
I tried to walk without looking
It's clear to see that your not joking

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Sun Stands Still Lyrics

I have been so worn and so spent
Medicate what's left and leave the rest
Fight to love and live I must confess
Medicate what's left forget the rest
Stranger things have touched and graced the ancient eyes
And it comes as no, comes as no surprise

And I found it hard to believe
But I know that You will
Yeah I know Your will
Because the sun stands still
The sun stands still

Bathe in beams of love and jealousy
To breathe the light of heaves kiss
A million beams will wait just for me, just for me
You hold the day with bloodstained wrists


Oh Jesus, You're the one who puts the hallelujahs on my lips
You're the holder of the sun, sweet salvation yes yes
Jesus you're the one

So when I stand on Gibeon
And when the night has come
I'm not alone, I see the light
Of the one, of the one I love


Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Jesus you're the one
The holder of the sun

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What Will Your Anthem Be Lyrics

When the glitter fades, It fades so fast
What really lasts, what will the anthem be?
Did we sing of rock and roll?
Did we sing if sacred souls?
Has the heart and the harmony met pleasingly?

When the flicker fades, it fades so fast
Nothing is left. What will be legacies?
Cause guitars burn you see
Recollect no memories
Of the lights and the cheers and the human vanity

Should I give?
Should I sing some rust?
Pity me for my golden lust
This one's for the lily
And this one's for the rose

Here it is, let the truth be told
Here it is, we would like to know
Here it is, what will the anthem be

What will your anthem be?
What will our anthem be?
What will the anthem be?

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You Lyrics

I don't think my heart can take it
Another empty day might break it
I need you more than ever before
I found out what it is I'm missing


I know your heart can barely take it
To see me grab this day and break it
I need you more than ever before
I found out what it is I'm missing

You be the psalm writer
And I will be your psalm
You be the songwriter
And I will sing your song

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