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Big Surprise

Artist: The Elms

Songs on "Big Surprise" Album

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A Minute To Ourselves - View A Minute To Ourselves Lyrics
Here's My Hand - View Here's My Hand Lyrics
Here's My Hand
Hey, Hey - View Hey, Hey Lyrics
The Big Surprise - View The Big Surprise Lyrics
The Buzzing Won't Stop! - View The Buzzing Won't Stop! Lyrics
The Buzzing Won't Stop
Who Got The Meaning? - View Who Got The Meaning? Lyrics
You Get Me Every Time
You Get Me Everytime - View You Get Me Everytime Lyrics
You're Glowing

A Minute To Ourselves Lyrics

I need time away away from all time,
To make a change to change my mind.
I wanna give. I wanna share.
I wanna sing like its a prayer.

If we only had a minute to ourselves

I could find hope there with You.
I could find something to do,
Even though Ive been missing out for quite some time.
We could find places to go.
We could unlearn all we know.
I could be Yours and Youd be mine for all of time.

I got dirty hands. I got dirty feet,
From all the things I cant repeat.
I talk all the day bout how I want it to be
But its my own fault that Im not free.

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Here's My Hand Lyrics

We all want to get our way sometimes.
Were all born then choose to give up our lives.
You hooked me when You promised the Way,
So from now until forever I say

Heres my hand, heres my hand.
You told me I was good enough to stand.
Heres my hand.

We all know the limits in our design,
So live off the truth and make up your mind.
Its silly just to get in the way.
So put em up and say it today

And what you give, you take it along.
And what you hold, you find that its gone.

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Hey, Hey Lyrics

Yeah, hey, hey guys! Hey , hey guys!
Whats the prize if we won it?
Yeah, hey, hey girls! Hey, hey girls!
Whats the world got to offer?

If you need it, you got it! I found it, I bought it!
You cant ever take it, or fake it Hey, hey, hey!

Yeah, hey, hey you! Hey, hey you!
Is it true, all the rumours?
Yeah, hey, hey I! Hey, hey I
Shouldve tried - tried this sooner.

If you want it, you got it, and everybodys gonna bow down sometime.

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The Big Surprise Lyrics

I am back. This time, Im the big surprise,
And Im hiding behind your sofa.
Im the culture shock. Temporary block.
And Ill love you for the next five minutes.
Im your magazine, cos you read me clean
Without taking any time for pictures.
Im your hand grenade and your lemonade,
Cos Ill blow up and leave you soured.

Find somebody with a working car and drive them crazy, too.

The big surprise is me!

I worked extra hard to pick your birthday card,
You just threw it out and kept my money.
I got up at six to make your favorite dish,
So I sank when you said you werent hungry.
Filed your tax return, let some candles burn,
Played Mozart to make your plants grow.
Then I clipped the trees, got down on my knees,
Not to work, just to pray youd see me.

Find somebody who will paint your house, and gloss them over, too.

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The Buzzing Won't Stop! Lyrics

Was it something I ate? Maybe something I made?
Put a mirror in front of me. Now its something I hate.

Well, the buzzing wont stop!
And we cant hear You talk!
We dont know how to rock if its not okay.
Help me make the buzzing go away!

Lets have a little debate. I think people are great.
Though misguided and petrified, we all wanna be saved.

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Who Got The Meaning? Lyrics

You saw me climbing out the window
You saw me climbing up the walls!
And I believe it cos You say so
Who got the meaning of it all?
I think Im choking on a wishbone
Of all the things I never got.
And I believe it cos You say so
You got the meaning of it all

Yeah! Who got the meaning of it all?
Who got the meaning of it all?
You got the meaning of it all!

You hear us screamin from the rooftops
You see us walking in Your door.
We dont know what it is to make it
But we think Youve got something more.
Everybodys on their own now,
Nobodys fixing all the wrong.
And I believe it cos you say so.
You got the meaning of it all.

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You Get Me Everytime Lyrics

One side of the mirrors who you are.
The other side is who you want to be.
And when youre through wishing you were more,
You can settle back and let your Father breathe.

Ive been warned.

And between the eyes, You get me every time.
Ive wrapped myself in fear, now I cant shine.
Between the eyes, You get me every time.
Get me outta here. Check me outta here.
I wanna shine.

I can see a hundred miles away,
But I cant see whats right before my eyes.
And when Im through trying to be brave,
I realize that all my courage dies.

Im going on, if Im wrong, Youll walk with me.

I wanna shine.

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