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Better Days Ahead

Artist: Better Days Ahead (BDA)

Songs on "Better Days Ahead" Album

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A Ship Like Mine
Better Days Ahead
Flight 103 (Praise Him)
Flight 103 (Story)
I Still Have Joy
Love Is Here - View Love Is Here Lyrics
Oh Lord Bless Me (Part 1)
Oh Lord Bless Me (Part 2)
Some How I Made It

Love Is Here Lyrics

Say the word foolish
Say dazed and confused
Say there's no way to do this
In this clueless, senseless world

But you can't say that we are alone
You can't say that we are alone anymore
You can't say that we are alone
We are anything else, we are anything else
Cause love is here
Cause love is here with me now

Say He's a liar

But I know He's the Savior (and Son?)
Cause the veil has been torn and the walls are erased

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