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Bethany Dillon

Artist: Bethany Dillion

Songs on "Bethany Dillon" Album

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A Voice Calling Out - View A Voice Calling Out Lyrics
Aimless - View Aimless Lyrics
All I Need - View All I Need Lyrics
For My Love - View For My Love Lyrics
Great Big Mystery - View Great Big Mystery Lyrics
Lead Me On
Revolutionaries - View Revolutionaries Lyrics

A Voice Calling Out Lyrics

I hear a voice calling out
I hear a voice in this wilderness
Where darkness has reigned for so long
Ground is being taken
The trumpet sounds
And Your glory touches the ground
And we all stand in awe
Who is this?
This glory far beyond us
I hear a voice
I hear a drum beating
heaven's drawing near
The sky will open
Your people are being healed
I hear a voice
Heaven's battle cry
See the sun light what was hidden
Heaven's heart beat
See is moving
What was a whisper is now
A voice calling out
I see a generation rising up
No longer accepting lies
Running to the battlefield
And losing their lives
I see a generation rising up
No longer accepting lies
As a band of worshipers run to the battlefield
They're finding their lives
I hear a voice

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Aimless Lyrics

The curtain falls, down she goes
So long worth
All the applause seems beautiful
It's got a hold on her
She whispers, "I'll go home"
And then she's reminded
That she doesn't know where that is

Thought she belonged
But she knows she don't
Thought she had love
But it is not enough
The pain inside is speaking to her
How could she feel like this
So aimless
His glass falls
Breaks into a thousand pieces
Spilling out all he's tried to hide
"I only wanted to be strong, to be brave
But it's driven everyone away"
Thought he belonged
But he knows he don't
Thought he had love
But it is not enough
The pain inside is speaking to him
How could he feel like this
So aimless
I've been him, and I've been her
Covered up under the dirt
I want to get out
I want to be free
And know where I'm going
Thought I belonged
But I know I don't
Thought I had love
But it is not enough
An aching inside speaking to me
How could I feel like this
So aimless
They've always known this wasn't home
I've always known this wasn't home

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All I Need Lyrics

When the day is done
And there's no one else around
While I'm lying here in bed
You're in my heart, You're in my head
You're all I need, You're all I need
There are a million voices
Calling out my name
But You're the One I want to hear
So make the others disappear

You are all I need when I'm surrounded
You are all I need if I'm by myself
You fill me when I'm empty
There is nothing else
You're all I need

When the morning comes
And Your mercy is renewed
There's a fire in my bones
I'm not afraid to go alone
You're all I need
You're all I need
The sun on my face
I hear You whisper loud
You're still the God that opens seas
Every flower, even me
You're all I need
You're all I need

I'm drawn to everything that You do
Nothing compares with You

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For My Love Lyrics

Walk towards me
I want to hear
The heavens singing over you

When you breath
Look at me
I want to be captured by you


Gaze into my eyes
Let me know you'd fight
Thousands for my love
Slip your hand in mine
Ask me to dance with you tonight
Just ask me for my love

I want to hide
The fear in my eyes
I'm scared to be known by you
When I turn my head
And see you there
I want to be pursued, yeah



A dream I won't wake from
A story that will never end
The ground your feet walk on
Let me be, let me be loved

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Great Big Mystery Lyrics

Air is dry, the sun is gone
When I breathe, I breate alone
Ten times a day I cry
Just to prove that I'm alive
Oh, that I'm alive

I have tried to be the queen
I have tried most everything
Leads me to the same place
On my knees or on my face
On my knees or on my face
Nations fall when You speak
And You have spoken over me
I am tired of giving in so easily
The way You keep on loving me
Is changing everything I see
It's a great big mystery
The fingers on my weathered bow
Are giving out and letting go
I need You now to take me in
I cannot fight alone again
Can't fight alone again
You are the mystery

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Revolutionaries Lyrics

Many have traveled this road before
I see their tracks in the dirt
But maybe I dont agree
With where they are leading
And who am I, just a youth
But why has that become the excuse
A monotone voice
In my head saying

Dreaming all the time
Its so foolish
Your flood of empty words
Will drown you in ruin
So we listen
Should we listen

They shake their heads
As they drive away in the bandwagon
Didnt feel like hitching a ride
Oh, but Ill be fine
Some nights its hard to be alone
I want some kind of kinship
But the finish line
It drives me on
When they say

Come with me
Theyll call us revolutionaries
Come with me
Theyll call us revolutionaries

Dreaming all the time
Its not foolish
Your flood of life giving words
They will refresh
Should we listen

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