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Beside this Brief Hexagonal

Artist: Roadside Monument

Songs on "Beside this Brief Hexagonal" Album

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A Girl Named Actually - View A Girl Named Actually Lyrics
Boasting in Weakness - View Boasting in Weakness Lyrics
Greek Tragedy - View Greek Tragedy Lyrics
Immersion - View Immersion Lyrics
Lobbyest - View Lobbyest Lyrics
Mothered Others - View Mothered Others Lyrics
Oh So Fabled - View Oh So Fabled Lyrics
Prozac Princess - View Prozac Princess Lyrics
Still - View Still Lyrics

A Girl Named Actually Lyrics

hate, why don't you think about it
words were lost and you thought about it
where are you going?
let's wait and find out
what's between you and me

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Boasting in Weakness Lyrics

faith is the shield that protects my heart
which has been softened to love
standing alone in a forest
my shield secured by prayer
spiritual warfare surrounds me
I pass through
standing firm, holding on for life
God's grace is sufficient for me
holding nothing above my head
I come with a crumbled heart
never turn away
the blood on my doorpost saves me
His promise fastened

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Greek Tragedy Lyrics

underline, undermine
don't you feel fine
there is no bind
tear it apart and let's dine
I'm a wreck
I think we've settled nothing
I'm a wreck
you've said your piece
so let me live in it
you've rehearsed your burden
three years with tape in my mouth
your request has been denied
be in it and just confide

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Immersion Lyrics

petals floating on an ocean
the sea sustains us
drawing our strength from mighty waters
reflections draw me...
so glad to be alive
fill my lungs with air
through the days distain life
stay by my side

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Lobbyest Lyrics

faulty words I can't erase
fell into your plan
this common ground is not around
I'm not going to change it
put myself at ease
lost my innocence
I'm not going to change it
I tried to weigh the sun
it never worked out
old fascist

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Mothered Others Lyrics

did you ever wonder
why your addiction
was causing you
some pain and affliction
cause you never looked that way
hold back if I can't explain
some comfort for your pain
seasonal dependency
a mere replacement
unforgotten treasure
stored away for retirement
cause you never made your bed

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Oh So Fabled Lyrics

tie and come away
you make me feel so brave
you make me feel so wrong
the're's not much I'd like to say
to push my pain along
there's no way
to your dismay
walking around, your fate
I'll turn away, if I ever learn
if I...

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Prozac Princess Lyrics

reluctance is a downfall too
I'm not sure what else to include
fear the worst
we fought against it for far too long
now my laundry's undone
in time my friend
it will be said and done before all this
things I couldn't bare
fill in this empty space
where it consumes my time
waiting for the ax to fall
killed feelings
pinnacle yourself again
and that's no way to treat a good friend
if I could I would be a butterfly
underwater or in the sky

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Still Lyrics

quiet, still
alone in my room
shudder at what I'm capable of
yet, I enter your chamber clean
who am I that you take interest in me?
the hour is late
stop and realize
I'm in the presence of a King
all I see are my rags,
and the hole's worn in my soul
yet it was set free
warmed in a blanket of love

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