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Benny And Sue

Artist: Resurrection Band

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Benny And Sue - View Benny And Sue Lyrics

Benny And Sue Lyrics

Susie was a high school queen
She understood the score
The price for popularity ask a little more
Went though an abortion before she was 17
Then she met Benny, a drifting ex-marine

Oh, Susie, why didn't you heed the call ?
You clung false security and you lost it all

Benny rode a motorcycle with his girlfriend Sue
Didn't know last saturday was the last thing they'd ever do
I read it all in the paper over on page nine
He lost control, he lost his life, ignored the warning sign

Benny, Benny, why didn't you heed the call
When dead came knocking you had to face it, face it after all

Benny, Benny, the funeral is today
Nobody knew, not even Susie or you
The price that you'd had to pay
A year passed and Susie sits alone with broken dreams
High school gaic memories, nothing's what it seems
As you cry little girl, I cry for you
I can heal your bitterness, your hearthaches too

Susie, Susie, do you hear Jesus call ?
To follow sin or follow love
The hardest choice of all

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