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Believe It

Artist: Keith Wonderboy Johnson

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Believe It - View Believe It Lyrics

Believe It Lyrics

Believe It
by Keith Wonderboy Johnson

Just believe it when you pray
Just believe it when you pray
God will make a way
Just believe it when you pray
Just believe it when you pray
God will make a way

Verse I:
You may be facing an impossibility
But with Christ all things are possible
If you believe
God specializes in those things that seem
You gotta believe


If your word abide in me
And I abide in your word
You told me I can ask what I will
And it shall be done
The question was asked
Is there anything too hard for God
Tell 'em No!
Anything- He will do it!


Now what I want you to do- think about the things you want the lord
to do for you, don't put your trust in your
mother, your father, your sister, or your
brother, your pastor can't do it for you.
You got to go to the Lord

Whatever you want from him
Take it to the Lord
Can't nobody do it,
Can't nobody do it but him
You got to pray until something happens
I know if you pray from a sincere heart
He'll make a way


If you pray don't worry
But If you're gonna worry, don't pray
What you need to do-
Get down on your knees
Get down on your knees
Talk to the Lord
Cause He will, He will
I know He will
He did it for me
If He did it before
He'll do it again

He's gonna do it
He's gonna do it
It might seem gloomy right now
But the sun is gonna shine
He's gonna make a way
I believe it
I believe what's coming
Is better than whats been
If its on your mind
It's in your future
Do you see Him making a way
I know He's gonna do it

I'm going through some things right now
But with faith I'm gonna ask you Lord
Make a way!
Make a way!

He's gonna make a way

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