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Artist: Commissioned

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Believe - View Believe Lyrics

Believe Lyrics

(recorded by Commissioned)

Hello my little dreamer
Lift up your head
Take my hand
And walk with Me a while
I know you think Ive forgotten
The promise Ive made you
But I will never forsake you

Believe the unbelivable
Dream the unthinkable
You can do all things
If you believe
You can reach the unreachable
See the unforseeable
All things are possible
To tem that believe

(Verse 2)
I know its been a delay
But that doesnt mean
Ive denied you
Ive just been waiting for you
To give Me your dreams
So i can bring them to pass
ASnd Ive done what youve asked

There may be times
When the whole world
Says youre a fool
Against all odds
You can put yuour trust in Me
And your dreams
Will become a reality
But You gota believe

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