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Believable Picnic (Self-titled)

Artist: Believable Picnic

Songs on "Believable Picnic (Self-titled)" Album

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Big Fat Nothing - View Big Fat Nothing Lyrics
Days Of Joy - View Days Of Joy Lyrics
Lion's Den - View Lion's Den Lyrics
Listen - View Listen Lyrics
Mr. Good Intentions - View Mr. Good Intentions Lyrics
Shangri-La - View Shangri-La Lyrics
Spaceman - View Spaceman Lyrics
Wasted - View Wasted Lyrics
Who's To Blame - View Who's To Blame Lyrics

Big Fat Nothing Lyrics

So you're so big and I'm so small
You're ten feet high I'm under tall
You just go on and on and on

You're all nine yards
I'm just a few
I've never won you'll never lose
According to your on and on

But let me tell you something,
You might want to hear
Step a little closer I can
Scream it in your ear

I think, you think, I'm a big fat
And I think that's just fine

You're the cat's meow
I'm just a rat
You're the big catch
They'd throw me back
You still go on and on and on

You'd have the world
I'd give it back
You see success I see a trap
Your chains go and on and on

'Cause what I've got is what you
Want and what you got
Is not a lot
If you would look at it from an
Eternal point of view
You keep climbing up the ladder
Leave behind the things that
Matter, ever stop to wonder
What it is you're climbing to

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Days Of Joy Lyrics

I thought I knew, I thought I
Could define what love was
But I'd misunderstood
You've taught this teacher,
The table's turned
The brutal lesson I had to learn

Goodbye my love, take flight on
The wings of the dove
Don't cry, kiss me goodbye, I'll see
You on the other side

The truest person I've ever known
We touched and then he
Called her home
Her life was Christ, and her death
Is gain, cause now she sees clearly
Through the darkened pane

Love, the pain I feel is what makes
Real the time we've shared.
The letting go, it hurts but I know
I'll see you when I get there

Like autumns symbols of painted
Leaves, death has a beauty
For those who believe
This frightened old man this little
Boy, look forward to new
Days of joy

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Lion's Den Lyrics

When inspiration's flown away
And I've got nowhere to go
If I try to think too deep and lose
My shovel it gets me out of a hole
Red and yellow apple corner
Rainbows hang from the door
Mr. Happy studies cymbals as if
They mean something more
Digging down to bedrock ampeggy
Singing bass to the twin
The multi-colored stars make it
Hard to tell where the sky stops
And the ceiling begins
It's quite a view from under
Panorama avenue
Every afternoon...
In the lion's den

Can't exterminate the influential
Insects walking on the wall, lock
The door or the hooper lane gang
Will be the death of us all.
Spaceface catface sticking out his
Tongue got stars in his eyes,
Lenny and Bill just materialized
Right before our eyes
Our favorite wise guys bearing
Triple gifts of pizza pie
Taunt and criticize....
In the lion's den

Maybe someday we'll move out
From underneath the pride
Get to play outside....
The lion's den

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Listen Lyrics

I stopped to listen, to a voice
In my head
Can you tell me, what you
Just said

The words of him & her & you
Can't seem to hear me

I stopped to rest a bit, to
Crash in my bed
The phone just kept ringing
The light blinking red

The words of him & her & you
Can't seem to sleep
Come sit next to me, I'll sit
Next to you and hear your plea

I stopped to wonder, how
You can stand
To hear every one of us,
All our demands

The words of her & him & you
Can't seem to sleep
Come sit next to me, I'll sit
Next to you and hear your plea
The words of him & her & me
Can't seem to see
If I sit by you, will you sit by me
And hear my plea

I stopped to pray a bit,
To say here I am
Just thought I'd tell you, and
Now.....say Amen

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Mr. Good Intentions Lyrics

Hello Mr. Good Intentions
How are you today
Have you made some more
Promises that we're bound
To break
You've been around such a
Long, long time, and it's easy
To see what you're doing to me,
It's time to draw the line.

Go away Mr. Good Intentions

Living by the seat of your pants
What ever comes will go,
Your will and your actions
They change like the wind
Whichever way it blows.
You say we're doing fine,
But look in the mirror
And you'll see the pain that
Hides behind these eyes

Leave me alone Mr. Good Intentions

Goodbye Mr. Good Intentions I've
Sat on your fence too long,
Everything that you
Said has been hurting
My head, it's
Time I moved along.
I'm sure I won't miss
You at all, I'm tired of
Your lies get out of my life,
Farewell, adieu, so long.

Goodbye Mr. Good Intentions

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Shangri-La Lyrics

Here the bridges just aren't long
Enough, I walk but never
Reach the other side.
Here this building's never tall
Enough for me to touch the sky.
I've heard about a place where
Everyone knows how to fly,

Here statues on a palace
Lawn are all the friends I had
That turned to stone.
Tears rolling down their ivory
Cheeks they didn't make it home.
I'm going to a land where all the
Hearts beat at one time,

Everybody's fine in Shangri-La,
Children draw the trees there in
Crayola forest green.
Everybody smiles in Shangri-La,
Built inside the pearly whites so
Bright they light the day.

Here within the land of make
Believe, it's lipstick and a comb,
And it's Judas on a throne.
Weird how silver lies and golden
rules they teach their
Kids in school to never say
Forever so they severed all
Their ties with Shangri-La

They say it never rains in
Shangri-La a multi-colored
Rainbow fades into a neon sky
Taste candied coated halos
While pakadotted ponies teach
The children how to fly

Here our seasons have all
Learned to share the summer
Sun can warm the winter air
Here leaves only fall to kiss
The ground and it makes
The sweetest sound
We'll start another language
Using all the words that
Rhyme with Shangri-La

The silver snow in Shangri-La
Turns to silver sand so it will
Never melt away come along
With me to Shangri-La we'll
Build a silver snowman on the
Warmest summers day
No one ever cries in Shangri-La
We take a kiss and mix it
With a glass of ocean wine
And if you close your eyes in
Shangri-La a million falling stars
Will gently whisper you to sleep
And when whisper you to sleep
And when you wake you'll find
It's not a dream.

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Spaceman Lyrics

I want to be a space man
Way up in the sky
In a tiny little capsule
Where I can bide my time

Like a robomatic rocketboy
Who journeys back into the stars
To hang with all the angels
Somewhere out beyond Mars.

Branded, stranded, but not alone
Sent here, light-years,
From my home
But there's so much work
Left to be done
Before we fly into the sun

I don't belong here
Feel like I've come from outer space
I don't belong here
I'm only visiting this place

Listen for a transmission
My radar pointed at the sun
Do my best to do my duty
TIll the day that he comes

Come in, come in Commander Cosmo
May day Mission Command
I'm a planetary pilgrim
More than a mortal man

Elroy, spaceboy, son of a jet,
Jedi's, moonpies, spacecadet
But there's much work
Left to be done
Before we fly into the sun
Don't need a rocketship
For me to fly
My wings are waiting for me
Heavenly home, up in the sky
There's no place that I'd
Rather be

When I've carried out my mission
And my work on Earth is done
Eternal life's fruition
Will be given to me by
God's only son

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Wasted Lyrics

Another year gone by, you know
What they say about time, it flies
Boy stands at manhood's gate
Trying his best to separate
The truth from the lies
You are me when I was you, I know
What your going through, I've
Scaled that wall
Your trying to find a life that's
Yours, but it's hard to keep
Yourself pure when those
Around you fall

I, cry, when I pray for you

Don't waste it all away
Don't believe the things they
Say to you
Real love is worth the wait
Don't waste it all away

Another pretty face, but the
Makeup can't erase the scars
And the pain
She sits alone and cries, all he
Left her were the lies
And the shame
You thought that he would love
You more, but love was not behind
That door and now you're empty
True love forgives mistakes
You've made, takes you back when
You have strayed, fills you up
And sets you free

I, cry, when I pray for you

Don't give it all away
Don't believe the things they
Say to you
Real love is worth the wait
Don't waste it all away
I, cry, when I pray for you

True love is more than touch or
Feel, with out the spirit the flesh
Cannot understand God's design.
The right and wrong of it is sure
He only want you to remain pure
So you can have the deepest part
Of you to share.

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Who's To Blame Lyrics

You say you do, then you say you
Don't and don't want to
But there is more to this, separation
Of yourself and the one
You want to point your finger to

You, you say that you believe,
But your insecurities send your
Walls of faith tumbling down

Just close your eyes, remember
Better times than these
You were so sure, I know, that
There was nothing to come
Between you and the one who
Breathed new life into your soul

You, you hang on every word,
Until your visions blurred
Accuse him of a dying flame
You, you're counting every loss
While throwing down your
Cross and you still wonder
Who's to blame

Don't talk to me, talk to me
About who's causing all your
Don't talk to me, talk to me
About who's telling all them lies
Who's to blame, who's to blame
Well have you looked at
Your own reflection
Who's to blame, who's to blame

So here you stand, your world
Is falling apart again
What will you do, now that
There's no one left to accuse
But you still stand in shadows
Screaming the light has
Burned your eyes

You, you hang on every word,
Until your visions blurred
Accuse him of a dying flame
You, you're counting every loss
While throwing down your
Cross and you still wonder
Who's to blame
I don't want to see you leave,
Cause I know you still believe,
So my friend let go of the blame

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