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Beggar In The Alleyway

Artist: Resurrection Band

Songs on "Beggar In The Alleyway" Album

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Beggar In The Alleyway - View Beggar In The Alleyway Lyrics

Beggar In The Alleyway Lyrics

Tomorrow comes early in the morning light
But like a spider in the shadows we spin in the night
The wrong and right is black and white
Someone tell me why we hide from the truth that's within our sight
Felt like the sole performer on a one act play
That the critics would'nt give the time of day
So I changed the characters, rewrote the lines
Hoping that would change their minds
But no one came to see, not even me

(Jesus speaks)
And you were a beggar where the north wind spreads
Down garbage-strewn alleys you made your bed
And he was the lover who held your head in a lap of compassion
He cried and said ��Stay with me until dawn
The night is cold, why wonder on
You've been lonely for too long
Stay with me until dawn
Put aside all you've done wrong
Nothing matters anymore but the love you're searchin' for

Like planets revolve around the sun
I've learned to revolve around th eOne
Who knows the score, who is the sum
The pure and true and faultless one

'Cause I was a beggar in the alleyway
Until one desperate passion play
The dice were loaded, the decked was marked
And I lay dying in the dark

Lord, you took me in and covered me
Turned on the light that made me see
Who am I without your Son
The king of king, the risen One

Tomorrow comes early in the morning light
Though weeping may tarry through the night
Easter gave fair warning :
Joy comes in the morning

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