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Becoming Leviathan

Artist: Narcissus

Songs on "Becoming Leviathan" Album

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Ambient Diablo - View Ambient Diablo Lyrics
Loculus - View Loculus Lyrics
November '94 - View November '94 Lyrics
Twin-Allergy - View Twin-Allergy Lyrics
Voida - View Voida Lyrics

Ambient Diablo Lyrics

Received another letter today,
Asking me to stay
A little feeling crept inside me and whispered softly
We could use you, oh, we surely could
And I said never mind this, I knew you would
But I can't say I didn't think twice about turning around
But I can't say we all haven't thought twice about turning around.

Breathe softly into my lungs

Received another letter today
I didn't bother to even read it.
When you know what they are telling you
And the ink is running in your veins
And you know every word by heart

My fingers bled from the cuts it left and the careless lead.

I'd surely die a thousand times or more
In your arms I find a peace
That leaves me feeling so secure in you
So secure in you.

Received my last letter today
And I surely burned it.
I sang along as flames grew angry
I sang along and fell asleep.

Serenade me oh sweet authors.

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Loculus Lyrics

Sunset orange
Dripped through my
Patterned soul
Set your sites

Obligated to recognize, reasoning and compromise
This is not what I intended
Room is filled with emptiness, just to kill my tolerance
This in not what I wanted

Lift the love
Pour me out
Strain virus
Now I'm won

Remembering a birth of hatred
The thought of you has broken years
I pray for loss of memory
Still haven't found a way to crush my feelings

Sailing down a red river, hands are drifting through the water

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November '94 Lyrics

Yeah, they found you, lying there with a broken heart
Ten knives, you're bleeding
choking and you're torn apart

They told you you'll die soon and there is no hope for this one, just let him go.

Day after day, I'm wondering if this place will ever change
I can't believe the things people say

And when they drove that blade in me, I felt my life change, I was born again

You'll never make it, you're trying to hard, you find comfort where you are

Yeah! This feels alright, I'm alive tonight, say good bye

You'll do the right thing, you'll be just fine.

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Twin-Allergy Lyrics

Divide, that's true holding on to you
See me, in two losing all to you

Tear a hole in my side, colors of life are flowing
We look the same and claim the name, I've known one of you to walk on by
Walk on by.

I declare you the reflection deceiver.
Haven't I seen you around here before?
I'm sure you have.
He gracefully cut me and I wondered where I had felt this before
My friend, your shaking you look as though you know me too well.

Divide, in two cut me from you
Divide, its true losing all to you

I guess this is a matter that will be consistent for the rest of
We'll run from all this
Find myself, so far
From (a) world, that's trying
Its best at killing me.

I've said my farewells and you'll always be there with me.
I guess this is a matter that will be consistent for the rest of my life.

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Voida Lyrics

Running around in circles
with myself
Running around in circles
To keep up
Running around in circles
To fill this
Running around in circles
To live my

Life to live

The sands of time are soaking deep into my skin
holding onto everything that consistency shouts loud
Through You

Promises last only shortly after boredom sifts through ashes
Create the void, consumes all wandering, question all and none to give
Passionate gleaming, nothing feels right, makes you wonder, why are we living?

We all want to be loved
My father, dear father
You see my heart is on fire
My father dear father

and when you call my name
I'll be waiting, yes I'll be waiting
For you to hold me close
And tell me that you love me.

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