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Become What You Believe

Artist: Last Tuesday

Songs on "Become What You Believe" Album

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1999 Lyrics

(Vs 1)
Take take what you wanted
Take take everything
These things only distract me
while simple not easy
to live like I dont know everything

This is where we started
With a simple trust that
Makes everything else
Seem so far away and feel so

Tonight I sleep without concern
I cant be stopped
Take a running shot
Give it all youve got
You cant hold me back
hold me down
It took some time now
But I am back for good

(Vs 2)
Wake up time to depend,
Time to see what you believe
When your luck seems to stop.
Will you run or will you choose
your day?

CHANGE and never look back
FORGET and never regret
Your Words make sense
Cause I've dropped my defense
I've been to the bottom
I'm back, I'm here to stay

Your call burns inside of me
The imposible fire
Forever ill stretch
Forever reach

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Become What You Believe Lyrics

{VS 1)
This van our van
is getting way too small
I cant find a good place
in here to Fall
Help me help you
Answer the call
Stay true to why we started it all
This is the part of me
I wish you could not see
This is the hardest part
Of life on the big screen
Im not, we're not
who you want us to be
Stop, stop stop, stop
Stop looking at me

Tonight I wish I was alone
Highway 76
I'd feel better about myself
Not watching over you
This is the life I choose
Don't let me off on an excuse
You follow me, ill follow you

(VS 2)
I cant believe cant believe
how long its been
since we sold everything
and left our friends
do you know, do you know
I would never change
For all the promises
(We didn't keep)
For all the finish lines
(We didn't reach)
Somehow, someway
I know we'll make it
Become What We Believe

Who's to say its not the end
Our final record, final breath
With one last day
is that all you would say?
Im so afraid of living when Im
Unaware and unprepared
Theres so much left to say
But when we stand before the Son of
Man Will we hang our heads, will he
When its all been said and done
Was our race well run?
(Final Chorus)
Tonight I wish I was with you
tonight I'm headed home
ready for another day,
to become what I believe,
this is the life I choose

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Can You Hear Me Lyrics

(Vs 1)
So good to know you ,
So good to see you came
I cant believe, I wont believe in anything
that we have made

But don't walk away
Walk with me now
We'll figure out somehow
Tell me what you've come to believe
Don't put me down

(From here to the back row)
Hey hey can you hear me
Hey hey can you hear me
Its not for us to say,
We cant create a way.

(Vs 2)
So good to know you,
So good to push my plan,
On you again, so I can win
Another soul that will get in

So good to be here
But I'm on my way out
This microphone is not my own
There's too many stories
From here to the back row

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Carry On Lyrics

(Vs 1)
So here I am once again,
And I know Ive tried this before,
And I know I cant be sure,
But Ill give it all Ive got,
Ill give it all Ive ever had,
Ill make sure this one counts,

What do you think,
Of what Ive said,

So Carry on, Carry on,
Carry on my friend,
Bring all your things,
We wont be back

(Vs 2)
You look so sick when your awake,
You look like youve been here before,
And I know I cant be sure,

But you seem to want to walk,
In some plans that have been laid,
But youre waiting for something

And I believe,
And I believe
I dont want to be here again

(I thought i made it clear
You're not supposed to be here
You're not supposed to be
In the room when I can't control it
And I just need time to kill
And I just need time to be alone
I know on my own I can make it
And never have to return)

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Deal With It Lyrics

Number one on the
list I made
Is how a fear can
Anyone to
Fall in love with you

Cant be what you ever
Had in mind
An iron fist
To judge our time
And I dont understand
Why we are the first

Ones to push them away
With lists they must obey

So tell me
I want to know,
How we should deal
how we can deal with it

I know the answer
Cant be found in me
But if we talk about the
Things we see
We might be on the way
We might be on the way

Well write it down so we
wont step back
to save our spot and to
not lose track
of what we understand,
what we may never under-

stand while we are here
lets stand while we are here

This conversation
It makes it easier
To understand that
I know Im not alone

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Giving Up Lyrics

Im not giving up my time thinking about how I hate
Everyone everything,
I cant believe I let it get this far,
Im letting go

Im holding on
To what you did last weekend
I know you meant
every word you said to me then

You know you know
I really cant stand you
(Honestly, honestly I can't)
And its bringing me
down so I must let go
(Its bringing me down I can't sleep)

You dont deserve the things that
Youve been given
And Im amazed that no on has found
out who you are

But you know you know
that its not my call
(Honestly, honestly its not my call)
And its bringing me
down so I must let go
(Its bringing me down I must let go)

Im giving up
All I hate
I cant believe
I let it get this far.

(I can't believe I let myself go
I was looking for ways
to tear you apart
This can't control me
If I could only
Just let it go)

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My Last Regret Lyrics

This ones for regret
9 to 5, I cant stand it,
wish away another day I can make it
To a well deserved sleep with my
clothes on

Eight 0clock finally its
Time to be what I see on the TV
Screen take me away, I want to live
those dreams

I wish I knew,
I wish I tried sometimes to make
more of the
Life I had, I wished it all away.

(VS2 )
Friday night what I wanted,
Finally I can get all the sleep that I
Missed throughout this week, Ive
been so busy

28 did I miss it?
Did I miss, did I miss, my time to
Be something for Him, I need
another day

So dont be please dont be afraid
Time will be with us tonight

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The Stand Lyrics

From Last Tuesday's website:
(This is a cover song by the band
The Alarm. We heard it once and
loved the chorus, so we said yes.
Visit the THEALARM.COM for more

(VS 1)
Oh I have been out searching with
the black book in my hand
And I've looked between the lines
that lie on the pages that I tread
I met the walking dude, religious, in
his worn down cowboy boots
He walked liked no man on earth
I swear he had no name (had no
I swear he had no name
(Vs 2)
As i crawled beneath the
Looking through the floorboards of
this life
I met doctor strangeloves cousin
He bore the marks of time
hey! trashcan where you going boy
Your eyes are feet apart
Is that the end you're carrying shall i
play the funeral march
(play the march) play the funeral
Come on down & meet your maker
Come on down & make the stand
Come on down, come on down,
Come on down & make the stand.

(Vs 3)
When i looked out the
On the hardship that had struck
I saw the seven phials open
The plague claimed man and son
Four men at a grave in silence with
hats bowed down in grace
A simple wooden cross,
It had no epitaph engraved (it had
It had no epitaph engraved.

(Vs 4)
Come roll out the red carpet,
Come bugler sound the horn
the hero is returning
come welcome him to his home
Dont say I didnt warn you
This prophecys coming true
the cavalry is thundering
Riding over the hill
Riding over the hill

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This Is The Way Lyrics

(Vs 1)
This is the way I (no)
This is the way we work it out
Its not about you
Its not about me
This is the new beginning
This is the day we,
This is the start of what we said,
We thought was wrong was with,
The way we do things,
Lets meet
every chance we get

Take take take take one final look
Make make make make this one to
Take our time we will get there
This house is not our home.

(Vs 2)
Can we talk about it
Can we see what everybody thinks
I know that,
You know that,
We wont
always agree
On how to start from
Where we left off with our Resolve
But we must move
Move on now
this is our new beginning

This is the way we wanted it to be
(With every day)
This is the way we wanted it to be
(With every breath)
This is the way we wanted it to be..

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