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Because We Believe

Artist: Nancy Gordon

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Because We Believe - View Because We Believe Lyrics

Because We Believe Lyrics

Because We Believe
Written by Jamie Harvill, Nancy Gordon

Chorus 1
Holy holy holy is our God
Worthy worthy worthy
Is our King
All glory and honor
Are His to receive
To Jesus we sing
Because we believe

Verse 1
We believe in God the Father
We believe in Christ the Son
We believe in the Holy Spirit
We are the Church
And we stand as one

Verse 2
We believe in the Holy Bible
We believe in the virgin birth
We believe in the resurrection
That Christ one day
Will return to earth

Verse 3
We believe in the blood of Jesus
We believe in eternal life
We believe in the blood
That frees us
To become the Bride of Christ

Verse 4
We believe in the Christmas story
We believe in the gift of life
We believe in the newborn baby
King of kings He is Jesus Christ

Verse 5
We believe in the shepherd's journey
We believe in the guiding star
We believe in the humble manger
Where love came down and filled our hearts

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