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Beautiful World

Artist: GS Megaphone

Songs on "Beautiful World" Album

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Beautiful World Lyrics

I'm lying in bed, but I can't sleep.
It's like I'm locked in this bed
On the greatest night you've made so far.

I take a walk outside beneath the stars,
And as I look all around me,
I remember how in love we are.

It's a beautiful world. What a great idea.
Your beautiful song is all I can hear.

I see the wind moving through the trees,
And it reminds me of how your spirit moves in me.
I lie in the grass, and stare at the sky,
And thought I've seen it a thousand times
It looks new tonight.

It's a beautiful world. What a great idea.
Your beautiful song is all I can hear.
Your beautiful colors surrounding me.
Your beautiful art is all I can see. It's a beautiful world.

Good night my prince. I'm going to try to rest.
Oh but here comes a sunrise too beautiful to miss.

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Dream Lyrics

A ship on a voyage could sink in the deep.
A ship in the shallow could crack on the reef.
But only ashore is it safe where it is built
And only ashore is it useless.

Imagine the world without romance,
Imagine the world without music,
Imagine the world without someone imagining.

A dreamer sees a wall that holds us where we are,
And sees it a worthy ladder to climb.
If man would not ever have noticed the sky,
The ground might have seemed unscalable.

(Repeat chorus)

Jesus, be my rudder, the wind within my sail,
I cannot make myself pretend to be afraid to fail.
Take me past familiar waters, to a place so deep,
It reserves itself for the eyes of those who dream.

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Light Child Lyrics

Hey, hello. I'm hanging on Your every word, You know.
And I can see I've got so very far to go
Till I can be the man that you've created me to be,
And overcome my insecurity.

So overcome my weakness, and radiate my soul.

I want to shine like the sun for all the world to see.
I wanna be a light child, light child.
I wanna shine, illuminate this world around me,
As You overflow.
I wanna be a light child.

Help me show the burning that consumes my very soul.
And the world will see that I'm not me alone.
Make me glow like heaven shining on the winter snow,
And when You tell me where to go, I'll go.

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Personal Renaissance Lyrics

Somewhere tonight there's someone sleeping
Better than they've ever slept before.
Somewhere somebody's fighting a war.
Somewhere a man is taking the first kiss
From the mouth of his bride.
Somewhere someone just got divorced.

To the joyful, to the blue, listen to me once,
Let me tell you about my personal renaissance.

Somewhere between hello and goodbye,
Let's knock the hourglass over on its side,
And hold on to the ones we love, forever in our hearts.
There is a peace inside of me,
Oh, sweet Jesus, in spite of anything,
No matter what is and what is not, as long as you are.

Somewhere tonight someone would give so much
Just to see a friendly face.
Somewhere someone just needs some space.
Somewhere tonight a sad somebody
Wants to take their life away.
While somebody on a lonely hospital bed
Would give anything for just another day.

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Reformation Lyrics

Come among the breakers of the wall.
Our biggest hammer is our love for the truth.
There's a wall around who we are,
I say we waste it while we still have our youth.
Allow me to make the motion
We pound the bricks into dust.
Unity, Reformation, I know we know
We simply must, we simply must.

This is the sound of Reformation.

For too long there's been a cold war,
All within the living body of Christ,
How can He move with stones in His joints?
How can the left hand show contempt for the right?
Here we go, break new soil, we want to see something new.
So we must plant a seed that we have never beheld.

This is the sound of Reformation,
The sound of the walls coming down.

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Sing Until The Song Sings You Lyrics

You're the door that opened me
Walked inside and fell asleep,
Dreamed a dream, awoke,
And then you whispered your dream to me.
In the dream you were a song
One that I was trying to learn.
You taught me to sing you as you sang into my ear, you sang,

Sing until the song sings you.

Then you found a puzzle piece, was a puzzle piece of me,
Put the pieces where they yield your favorite version of me.
Oh to my astonishment, when I beheld your art,
The puzzle completed was a picture of a puzzle taken apart.

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The Enemy In Me Lyrics

He is a wild child, plays loud,
Laughs a lot and loves adrenaline,
Beneath the surface there was fear.
I know, I know, you love me so but Jesus this I ask of you
Protect my coming family from the enemy in me.

You ain't nothing but a liar, Yeah you.

He looks like, smiles like, reminds so many of the Dad
Who hurt us all so deep
So He's afraid that he'll turn around
And make the same mistakes.
I've seen the ones who fell before me,
They were stronger than me,
Protect me from the enemy in me.

(Repeat chorus)

God I've seen what a man can do for his family,
So good, so bad, and it makes me afraid.
What do you see when you think of a good man,
Tell me, tell me, and make me that kind of man

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Venom Lyrics

You hurt me oh so deeply, I could not even cry,
Your poison was effective I must admit.
I was afraid to love, I was afraid to hate
I was afraid to fail, I was afraid to win.

Hey, honestly, do you think,
That you're the only snake with venom.

I'll not pretend to be the, the one that you should fear.
I don't keep my weakness from out of view.
Jesus is my protector, my healer and my God,
So now you know there's someone after you

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Wildflower Lyrics

Let me out from this house, I want the wind in my hair.
The nearness to a window is no longer a sufficient sun.
I'm sick of this vase telling me how deep my roots can reach.
It only gives me as much as it can hold for me to drink.
And I say,

Come my way, come my way, I want you to,
Set me free, set me free. I am a wildflower.

Our lives required a windowsill and soil and a flowerpot.
I won't be satisfied until my form of godliness requires God.
I'll watch the empire of your kindness
As it outshines the sun up in the sky.
We'll worship with our minds
And finally worship with our lives.

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Your Song Lyrics

Sacrifice all my rights. Make my broken spirit free to fly.
Break my will. Free my mind.
Mend my wings. Let me touch the sky.

Overcome who I am.
Make me more than just this broken man.
More of you, less of me.
Make me the man I'm supposed to be.

All I have is nothingness without you,
And all my innocence is gone.
Change me from the inside, rearrange me,
And I'll forever be your song.

Fill my veins. Shine through me.
Illuminate my soul and set me free.
My worldview, I despise.
Let me see the world through Jesus' eyes.

All I have is nothingness without you,
And all my innocence is gone.
Change me from the inside, rearrange me,
And I'll forever be your song.

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