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Beautiful Loneliness

Artist: Travail

Songs on "Beautiful Loneliness" Album

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A Song For A Friend - View A Song For A Friend Lyrics
And So I Was Thinking - View And So I Was Thinking Lyrics
Beaten - View Beaten Lyrics
Dead - View Dead Lyrics
Devastated - View Devastated Lyrics
Her - View Her Lyrics
Judge Me - View Judge Me Lyrics
Opposition - View Opposition Lyrics
Weakling - View Weakling Lyrics

A Song For A Friend Lyrics

Friends don't let friends destroy themselves
Because your pain becomes my pain
We can't fall like the devil
Got to wack him with a shovel
The struggles have their end can't let your mind bend
You're one of my brothers don't want find no others
Even if you think that I'm trying to smother
All I got is love descending like a dove
In my heart I got no shame and you know I'll never judge
All struggles have an end we cannot see
A spot light on your soul and struggles are set free
You tell me it is better to go on without you leaving you behind
I am forbidden to do with my strength
I will carry your body so torn you can't die yet
I am not ready to mourn
The dark will arise please don't hear the lies
I'm here next to you look me in the eyes

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And So I Was Thinking Lyrics

What does all of this mean
Because I cannot feel a thing
Just when I think it's okay
You throw a wrench in my machine
It's as if I have a lamp
And all the bulbs are burnt out
I try to find a few more
But you got 'em all behind locked doors
There's a dead cat in the box
On the ground beside me
Is this a metaphor of my flesh
In this house if ill repute
Or is it just a dead cat in a box
On the ground beside me
With no meaning at all
In a world that has no meaning
Durer and Schagall don't give no altar call
So why you setting me up
So I can take a fall like the A-Team
And B.A. Baracuss
Who likes to cause a ruckus
Just like me and my boys in Travail
You know we're on a war path
We'll drown you in a blood bath
And you know we'll grip you fast
Some of you will hate me because of this poem
Even though my struggles you just don't know 'em
Your judgementalism tilling me who I am
I'm sorry my friend I'm only just a man
I could be fake and force you through a door
I could be face and be a corporate whore
Or I could be real and make you think twice about
What it means to follow Jesus Christ
I'm still trying to figure you out
Sometimes you don't carry a lot of clout
But then you show me your true self
And see how pitiful I am

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Beaten Lyrics

Tears drip down my swollen face
I blink my eyes and i try to embrace
What kind of mind
to do this sort of thing can it take
The very next day every thing that you do
Is a fake
You look in my eyes
And tell me all your lies
Smile at me
And promise me its done
Blood drips down my swollen head
Waves of fear sweep over me in bed
Your cowardly hands commit crimes
And are covered in red
And then i ask
Remember dad what you said
What you need is salvation from your sin
everyone that you love
You cant help, but hurt
Fall on your face
Rip your shirt
Call on Christ
He will forgive you

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Dead Lyrics

Im dead, im crucified whit Christ
Not only in my dead, I die to self whit His strength
You hear te words i said
I sacrifice myself, His peace is how im fed
You hate my standard and wish to fill me full of lead
Im dead in Him
I hate mi flesh, because of it my body dies
Amazing grace flows freely and opens up my eyes
I hate de devil, to me hes lied so many times
I love my God because if Him, my soul will rise
Life is a joke, i fell kinda like a spoke
In a wheel one of many which is taken for granted
This society has demanded the ignorance of conformity
They reject my attempts at individuality
Not only does society demand conformity
But my gender demand just so extraordinary
While my God demand change within the dark recesses
of my soul, yet this lust whitin me leave an empty dark hated hole
I hate my flesh

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Devastated Lyrics

A selfish man by God was sent to the great Ninevah
Preaching to repent
To be destroyed in 40 days if not turning from their wicked ways
A false by all displayed
Compassionate God, His wrath delayed
The years have passed
The time has come for God's wrath and will to be done
Do not follow Ninevah, Ninevah is devastated
The walls emaciated, the streets forever lost her idols finally crushed
Woe to the bloody city full of hate and lies
Bowing to Nisrock before God's eyes
Horsemen charging, swords are flashing
A mass of corpses of countless dead bodies
I am against you declares the Lord of hosts
Showing your nakedness and shatting evil
Hopes throwing filth on you to make you vile
You'll be a spectacle, straight up be reviled
We stumble over the dead bodies
Who will grieve for you, who will grieve for me?
Destruction of Ninevah will help us see
True repentance, being vital and the destruction of all of our idols

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Her Lyrics

In her darkness I guide her to the One
The One who guides me when I feel as if I'm done
I lift her up to the One who lifted me
From the depths of despair from the sky came He
Longing for the peace, longing for the oneness
Without your presence I'll be faceless
She peers into my soul and takes me into her hold
Without it I'm cold and with it I grow old
In her restlessness I pray for rest
In her hopelessness I pray for hope
In her anger I pray for love
In her anguish I pray for solace

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Judge Me Lyrics

How can you judge me you don't know me
You don't know my heart you don't know my mind
And you certainly wouldn't condescend
To speak to any of my kind
My heart is open for you to discern
Don't need to listen to me
There's nothing that you can learn
And you definitely wouldn't comprehend
Any of the reasons I choose not to burn
Judge not, judge not
Judge me only by the standards
That you will be judged
You judge this, you judge that
You can't say that God's Word is not in what we play
And you definitely wouldn't comprehend
Any of the things that we say
Will you go with me to sit at his feet
Together we will fall on our face and His will we will see
Only then will we comprehend the balance
Which we meet
(I hate the devil
The devil hates me)

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Opposition Lyrics

Destruction comes to those who oppose the Son of God
It seems to me that is something sort of odd
You take for granted all the things that He's done
When He was sent from his Father up above
You sit and whine about the problems of this world
Make no mistake you better hear the things I say
Christ is not to be taken very lightly
Not the type of guy that likes to be played

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Weakling Lyrics

Boldness escapes me
Cowardice seems so easy
If only I could be more like the one I see
I've failed you I've lied to you
Yet you forgive and let me live
Oh God help my weakness
Oh give me your strength
Father help me
I'll go to any length
On my face, on my chest, on my knees
God help me please
My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak
I've got these beats raging through my head
And someday soon this body of mind will be dead
No more crying or laying on no death beds
No more tears or fists across my head
Only escape from hate and ill fate
Bringing me down
Making me look like some kind of clown
Receive my crown, lay it at Christ's feet
Only then do I get my DHD
My devil hating degree
My courage growing, the wicked I'm throwing
Disgust for hate ever showing
On my face, in my heart, in my soul

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