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Artist: Brent Jones & The T.P. Mobb

Songs on "Beautiful" Album

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For You Lord - View For You Lord Lyrics
Get Up - View Get Up Lyrics
Holy Ghost High
I Give You Praise
Just Who Are You
Midnite - View Midnite Lyrics
Never Forget The Day
Ordinary Day
Spiritual Things
When I See You - View When I See You Lyrics
Won't That Be Fine

For You Lord Lyrics

I'll do anything
For you Lord
Oh, Yes I will

I will do anything,
For you Lord
I will step out on my Faith
For you Lord,
I will go any place
For you Lord
I Will do what you say
Just because You're God

Verse 1
Sometimes I feel like
I don't wanna do anything at all
Cause this world can be so hard
When I think about
The goodness of my Savior
And it makes me realize
That I need to share
The love He gave us
Thank You for the bills paid
Thank you for the twenties
On the Escalade
Lord I thank you for your Holy Word
Even when I'm ballin'
I can still tell the world what's up
Look how you died for me
Forgave me my sins
And your Blood has set me free
Oh Lord, I will do anything for you


I know how you feel
Caught between Sin and God's win
Satan showdd you his best
But to God it's a bunch of mess
so be strong in the Lord
And in the power of His might
We must work while it's day
Cause it soon will be night
And by then it will be too late
And the material things
We be tripping on
It will all be gone away
Then we will stand before the Lord
On that great and mighty day
So do all you can, while you can
Cause God is on His way


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Get Up Lyrics

Verse 1:
Let the spirit touch your heart
Feel it in your soul
It don't matter who you are
Let Him take control
It's a Fact, He's been that
Freind you can go to
When the world is trippin'
Fell like slippin'
This is what you do

Get up!
Don't sit down
And stare at everybody
Come on down and
Get into this party
Get up!
Don't be shy
Just do what ever feels right
We'll be dancing all night
Come on and (get up)

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Midnite Lyrics

Don't wait til midnight
When there is no sunshine
You are a stranger until
There is no danger
And that aint right
That aint right


Verse 1

Hello my child
I see you on your knees
It must be midnight
I know you're sad
But I'm so glad
You took the time out to call me
You must be in trouble
I heard emergency
I came on the double
Midnight is the only time
That I can hear from you
Oh how I wish you would call me
When your skies are blue


Verse 2

I really should be upset about it
Seems like you're using me
Taking me for granted
I'm more than your savior
More than your way maker
Please let me show you
What else I am made of
I've got a plan for your success
But I don't hear from you
Until you're in a mess
Turn off your cell phone and
Close up your 2-way
Still away for a minute
Let's spend some time today



You say that you love me
And can't live without me
Then why do you call me
Only when you need me

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When I See You Lyrics

When I see you, I see you perfect.
When I see you, I see you righteous.
When I see you, I see you spotless.
When I see you, I see you like you're gonna be.

Verse 1:
Why you been avoiding me'
I've been to embarrassed to show my face.
Why you feelin' guilty'
It's because my flesh just wont' behave.

Tell me what your weakness is.
If I tell You what will the people think'
Get over people what they say,
'cause when I saved you, I forgave you so...


Verse 2:
You don't have to fear me.
I'm so intimated by Your love.
I know you know the story.
On the cross, was it me You were thinking of'

I see you tryin' get it right.
You're so patient, never giving up on me.
I made, I know you, I understand you,
'cause when I saved you, I forgave you so...


Vamp 1:
Perfect, righteous, spotless;
I see you like it's gonna be.

Vamp 2:

Vamp 3:

Vamp 4:
(repeat as directed)

I see you like you're gonna be.


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