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Be Ye Steadfast

Artist: Florida Mass Choir

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Be Ye Steadfast - View Be Ye Steadfast Lyrics

Be Ye Steadfast Lyrics

Be ye steadfast,
unmoveable, always abounding
in the word of the Lord.

Verse 1
I often wonder why clouds seem to dim my skies,
even though I search with hope and determination;
so often it turns into nothing but frustrations.

So then I kneel, I kneel down to pray.
It seems like I can hear the soft voice of Jesus,
always seem to say...


Verse 2
Sometimes my way seems so very hard,
so much so, I can't see the road.
But then I go on, not knowing right from wrong,
seems like I can't get enough courage
to stand there and be strong.

So then I kneel,I kneel down to pray,
seems like I can the soft voice of Jesus,
always seem to say...


Hang on in there

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